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Indonesian Heritage Textile

The Batak “Ulos” handwoven textile, the original hand woven pieces feel rougher to the touch – are not merely made to wear as clothing, but are significant symbols of status, serve as precious heirlooms, or are ceremonial gifts during rites in human’s life cycle from births and weddings to deaths.

With modernization, the ATBM (alat tenun bukan mesin) or the non-mechanized upright loom was introduced. Purchase by on-line for use in modern designer dresses as below.

Ulos no.02

Ulos 02

Ulos no.03

Ulos 03

Ulos no.04

Ulos 04

Ulos no.05

Ulos 05

Ulos Vintage no.01

Ulos Vintage01

Ulos Vintage no.02

Ulos Vintage02

Ulos Vintage no.03

Ulos Vintage03

Ulos Vintage no.04

Ulos Vintage04

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Ulos Sipirok no.02

Ulos Sipirok02

Ulos Sipirok02a


Ulos Sipirok no.01

Ulos Sipirok01

Ulos Sipirok01a

The symbolic values of ulos is connected with women’s role in caring for family, children and the community. Whilst men’s duty is the protection of family and village.