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Downsizing Sale

Letting go of things will feel better. It can be difficult to detach yourself from things you’ve owned for many years. But you may feel better knowing those are unused items and need bigger space for living. Items are kitchenware, garden tools, furniture, clothing, Vase (Ikea) etc. Please email:

1. Car Steering Lock rp250,000 New, never used (Kunci stang mobil)
Car Steering Lock B

2. Eddie Bauer Rolling Duffel Bag with solid interior construction and a tough ripstop nylon rp250,000

3. American Tourist Rolling Luggage Rp450,000 excellent condition (New price rp1,750,000)
American Tourist Suitcase C

4. Blender Panasonic rp500,000
DSale Blender Panasonic

5. Foot Massager FM-3228 rp950,000
DSale Foot Massager

6. DVD Player Sony DVP-NS57P rp550,000
Sonny DVD Player B

7. Pascafe Strapsafe Luggage Strap rp400,000 New, never used (extra pengaman koper bagasi dg digital code)
PacSafe Luggage Strap New B

8. Cocktail Cups New Rp475,000 (4pcs)
Cocktail Cups B

9. Coffee Sign Bars Rp450,000 excellent condition (New price rp900,000)
Coffee Sign Bars 2a

10. Swisger Suitcase Rp450,000 excellent condition (New price rp1,250,000)
Swisger Suitcase B

11. Egg Poacher for Breakfast New Rp275,000
Egg Pacher B

12. Art-craft Elephant in great quality frame New Rp675,000 size 20x20cm
Artcarft Elephant B

13. Aldo Shoe Beige color size 36 (used) Rp475,000 excellent condition (New price rp1,250,000)
Aldo Shoe Beige B

14. Aldo Shoe Snakeskin Blue color size 36 (used) Rp675,000 excellent condition (New price rp1,750,000)
Aldo Shoe Snakeskin Blue B

15. Aldo Shoe Suede Beige color size 36 (used) Rp675,000 excellent condition (New price rp1,750,000)
Aldo Shoe Suede Beige B

16. Aldo Shoe Suede Maroon color size 36 (used) Rp675,000 excellent condition (New price rp1,750,000)
Aldo Shoe Suede Maroon B

17. Golf Practice Tee -Off Grass Brand new Rp1,700,000

18. Tissue holder ceramic new Rp275,000
Tissue Holder B

19. Tissue holder Balinese bamboo new Rp250,000
Tissue Holder 3a

20. Cocktail Shaker Rp250,000
Cocktail Shaker B

21. EMINENT Suitcase travelers European Brand Large Rp 2,500,000 excellent condition (New price above rp5,000,000)
Eminent Suitcase 2

22. DELL Computer bag excellent condition rp250,000 (New price rp1,500,000)
Dell Bag

23. Anne Michelle Suede Shoe black color size 37 American Brand (used) Rp1,250,000 excellent condition (New price rp5,250,000)
Shoe Anne Michele size 37-7 a

If you are interested, please email us: