MAZEE fX Lifestyle Sudirman Late Night Shopping

MAZEE Late Night Shopping at fX Lifestyle Sudirman.

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MAZEE Late Night Shopping at fX Lifestyle Discount up to 70% from 9pm-1am only Tonight on Saturday 28 May 2011


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Chekka Cuomova l Cindy Biantoro l Delirium by Jonathan Mulia l Glinka l Gloria Agatha l Heidy Kalalo l Hijabscarf by Fifi Alvianto l Lennor by Lenny Agustin l Le PErilla l Mario Kahitna l Rae by Dian

They want to highlight the personal character that is not uniform. Fashion shopping destinations, IDEA @ Mazee, keen to see this gap. As a result, since April 2011, the IDEA occupies an area of ​​72 meterpersegi in Mazee, located on the sixth floor fX Lifestyle Center. IDEA @ Mazee into homes of 16 local fashion brands, which have a unique character, in every design.

The presence of IDEA in Mazee provide fresh options for shopping fashion products, fashion both women and men, to the various accessories. Dozens of Indonesian young designers show their work, with character design that is not uniform.

“There are 13 designer female and three male designers who sell their products through IDEA. Everything is a young designer from Indonesia, with local fashion design is unique and strong character. They are idealistic young designer, creative, producing their best work. However, in the IDEA, a strong character work that must be sold. That is, they must design ready-to-wear , it makes sense. Although they tend to design unusual, unique, character, but to be successful in the fashion retail business also must make sense, “said Dandan Hamdani founder of IDEA @ Mazee to Female Compass , in Jakarta, Friday (6 / 5 / 2011).

Dandan seven years experience in fashion retail business. Experience is what triggered it took a young local designers, and collaborate to promote 16 brands, to attract fans of fashion in Jakarta. Sure enough, Dandan intuition proved. Fans of fashion in Jakarta like the concept of a different fashion. In one month, 500 collections of clothing in the IDEA successfully sold.

“16 designers must produce a new collection every single month. IDEA itself is also always change the layout every week. This method is deliberately done so that visitors always get something different and new every time you come to the IDEA. Buyers easily bored if the goods are on display unchanged. At least by changing the layout, the old product that was accidentally stuck can stand out and give something new seemed to buyers, “said Dandan.

Initially, the designers are aged 20-25 years feel overwhelmed to meet demand grooming. However, to survive in the retail business, strategy Dandan, inevitably have to be lived. As a result, fashion products in the IDEA is always refreshing, and a choice of fashion capitals of fashion fans aged 25-35. The principle of fashion products must also be realistic also strengthen the position of IDEA @ Mazee, the article places to shop offers affordable prices starting from Rp 90,000 to Rp 450,000.

For those of you who like to experiment with performance, to be different according to personal character, with stay abreast of the latest trends (especially in terms of color), IDEA @ Mazee is the proper fashion shopping destination. With 16 brand tempting shopping, such as LA & Co., blowpop, Giffa, Wrong Stitch, Electric Mind, My Taste, USLS, GIACA, Teabag, SAIA, Sugar and Spice, Trunkbelle, charme, Not Too Much, SABD, and Box trinkets.

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