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Yunita Harun: Sinaran Kasmaran

HIGHLIGHT on Culture and Lifestyle: Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 brings a theme “Celebration of Culture”. A celebration of arts, beauty, an hymn to the harmony of colors and sounds, which creates the biggest fashion movement and an annual trade event for fashion industry in Indonesia. In the hand of Yunita Harun ~ an Indonesian fashion designer transform the theme of “Warna Katulistiwa” into ”Sinaran Kasmaran” means “Fall in Love” by using Jumputan Indonesian tradisional textile from Palembang, South Sumatera.

The 30-meter-long runway, only for Indonesian models to walk on a theme “Sinaran Kasmaran” as she was able to give her unique vision of the theme going beyond the common interpretation. Yunita Harun took a step forward by choosing purple pastel represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

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It shows clearly in her ”Sinaran Kasmaran” collection that she wants to enter gently in the audience mind, leaving the possibility to keep on imagining and rendering. The color purple is also often associated with love, springtime, luxury, power, and ambition.

A graduate Master of Design at UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Sydney, Australia ~ Yunita Harun has a huge appreciation for those people who hard workers to invent something new for fashion and modify classic with modern design. She is very much impressed with creation of Chanel, Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, Merdi Sihombing. She was born in Jakarta November 1976 by a warm and loving parent who believes in good education and with high sense of arts including paintings, architecture, interior and fashion. The purple pastel color is a strong reflection of her current feeling and mind with love, peace and happiness.

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Reflections of Culture
IFW 2017 492aBeing part of APPMI active member, Yunita Harun is able to take part in Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 with a theme “Celebration of Culture” to show an important role in fashion industry in Indonesia and of course with the hope to go global. For Yunita Harun fashion is an expression of Indonesian cultural identity. Fashion is also a reflection of times and what is going on in the culture, socially and economically. Fashion enables us to make statements about our identities and ourselves; Yunita Harun said during the press conference. The elegant touch of regality of golden materials was supported by Warnatasku, as one of major sponsor in Indonesia Fashion Week 2017.

As an Indonesian designer, I have to be able to carve our own identity in the fashion industry and reflect our own originality. During the 5 days of Indonesia Fashion Week 2017, the “Sinaran Kasmaran” by Yunita Harun was able to give her unique vision in one stage, among the 520 fashion brands, 25 fashion shows, featuring totally 12,000 outfits at the Jakarta Convention Center, IFW 2017 602aJakarta. Indonesia Fashion Week was established in 2012, is held annually and aims to provide directions to the Indonesian fashion industry. The event presents all the unique features of Indonesian cultures in the form of diverse ready to wear fashion and accessories and to bring new goals to develop local fashion crafts industry.

During the pre-event at the Sultan Hotel, Central Jakarta, which was also attended by Edy Putra Irawady, the deputy coordinating economic minister for industry and trade. East Nusa Tenggara, is one of the focus tourist destination among 10 major tourist destinations in Indonesia. APPMI designers have taken an active role in supporting the government’s program by using woven cloths from 22 regencies in East Nusa Tenggara. “Upgrading the quality and give them a modern touch, appealing to both local and global markets,” said Poppy.

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Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 presents 25 shows involving about 200 designers, seminars and talk shows, as well as an exhibition, including from Myanmar, Lebanon, India, Australia, Italy, Malaysia and South Korea. This event is also a statement of wisdom and concern for social, cultural and environmental issues.” said Ms. Poppy Dharsono.

Indonesia has a unique strength in fashion – provided by the richness of our culture and natural resources. Our local knowledge along with an abundance of creative ideas, Indonesia has set a target to ultimately become one of the leading fashion centers and fashion hub in the region and globally.

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Logo-APPMI-new 2An association of Indonesian designers, in an effort to promote and market Indonesian fashion products through annual fashion shows and media coverage. Currently Ms. Poppy Dharsono is the APPMI President, is supported by 65 active members comprising of both senior and promosing talented designers from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Lampung, Medan and Pontianak.

The organization serves as a training ground, in grooming up-coming talent and introducing them into the fashion market, then bringing forth fresh innovations in creativity and flavor in the industry.

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What do They Say?
IFW 2017 571aAn Italian professional music-couple living in Jakarta, Mega Sihombing, Indonesian singer and Mauro Goia sincerely who were among the audiences say that Indonesia Fashion Week is a celebration of the arts, a superb exaltation of the beauty, an hymn to the harmony of colors and sounds, a nice opportunity to meet people and share passions.

“We were very impressed by the fashion show of “Warna Khatulistiwa”. It was offering a big variety of hints to be inspired by. We liked the various ways every fashion designer chose to read the theme and to IFW 2017 650aconnect it with her clothes. The audiences were moved to a different worlds of colors shining in a big assortment of shapes and a varied combination of fabrics,” said by the couple.

The “Sinaran Kasmaran” runway by Yunita Harun, represent the idea of freedom, giving the impression of the wind moving free, loose and light in the sky. Yunita avoids tight shapes, letting the fabrics lying down naturally and following the body’s movements of the models. The impression of purple pastel designed by Yunita made the color of the skin the perfect partner tint with the light violet, the blending of the two shades created a new harmony enriched by one elegant touch of regality with the golden materials.

As musicians, we were inspired by her collection, we started dreaming about so many new tunes that could suggest with the melody, the harmony and the rhythms, all the elements and the emotions Yunita put with great passion in her clothes. Actually it’s just a matter of linking wonderful arts, fashion and music, beauty and harmony, and passion (photographed by Nila Ratnasari AYP/IFW2017).

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