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YH Casual & Ethnic

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle by YUNITA HARUN: Yunita Harun is an Indonesian modern fashion designer proudly launch “YH Casual & Ethnic” as her 2nd line to grab further market. She believes it opens up new ways of appreciating textile history of traditional textile, by using them and transforming them to my design character. Indonesia has a brilliant heritage of textiles accross the archipelago.

Yunita Harun is a well-kown Indonesian modern fashion designer who specializes in Blending Cuttings or patterns. Her label is mostly unusual drapery, asymmetric lace application and diagonal plaited are intended to produced range of collection that are able to attract people attention!

She is always keen on searching her design identity through fashion industry. With “YH Casual & Ethnic” as her 2nd line she wants to explore more her own potential and pushing so many boundaries to find out what more can I do with our traditional heritage,” she adds.

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“YH Casual & Ethnic” – 2nd line
When I succed with Ikat Palembang recently this year, then I realize how beautiful the Indonesian traditional tetxtile is. I am sure that it is a right time to wake up and create Casual & Ethnic5athis 2nd line of my design which is “YH Casual & Ethnic” to differentiate to my “Yunita Harun” prime label that specializes in Blending Cuttings or patterns.

The fabric of Ulos Sipirok
After succeded with Ikat Palembang, my next endeavor will be with a traditional textile from South part Tapanuli of North Sumatera, Ulos Sipirok.

Why Sipirok? Becasue no one has brought this traditional textile into domestic fashion. So, I was thinking to create this beautiful textile in a different way which is classic, vintage and masculin in terms of motif.

They are still basic in colors ranges. Most of the weavers haven’t brave enough to delevop the Casual & Ethnic2bcolor range, such as terracota or other wide bright colour range to fullfil current market demand. Or may be to create new design and pattern.

The “Tumpal” at the Ulos Sipirok is so simple and basic, I think the weavers need to explore bravely too. Fashion and art of traditional textile offer some fresh ways of appreciating the hand-made traditional textile, this is how designers value of traditional skills. This is such a long process but eventually the weavers on the remote area will benefit as such initiatives to create a wider and a more aware of potential end-users.

Ulos Sipirok is so different compare to Ikat Palembang. It was so beautiful in an abstract way. The colour range on the ikat Palembang weaver are actually aware of the market demand. So, this makes it more attractive to work on this specific textile.

Indonesia is not just a producing hub for local brands, but it can emerge with our own innovations and compete with the global brands that enter our country. “YH Casual & Ethnic” will participate in a specific fashion show early next month on 25-29 Nov 2015 Batam Fashion Week highlighting the Songket Melayu as our National heritage.

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Casual & Ethnic4bYunita Harun is also talking about the need to re-invent textiles for young and new urban markets. As an Indonesian fashion designers like myself, need to go further to modernise our heritage textiles,” she says.

She also adds that the work of today’s designers is equally important to reach the economic of scale of these heritage textiles.

My long term vision is to Nasionalization our traditional textile. The more people wearing them, the more affordable prices on these textiles and this is part of the economy of scale point of view.


What is your advise to enhance the skill of traditional weaver?
Explore more in design and clorour range, motif size, and technic of weaving. There should be a narrow border between the weavers in remote area and fashion designers in the city who work closely with end-users. Currently there is a huge gap in our case in this country.

It requires more initiatives to step in the right direction. The potential consumers would appreciate the value of the handmade and better understand why hand made textiles cost more,” she adds.

Younger Generation
Casual & Ethnic6cWhat is your idea to motivate younger generation to be more interested in tradinitonal textile? I need to design as much as attractive desing that suit to youngsters and to sell more with affordable price.

The younger generation potential marktet pushes me to think about how familiar materials like Ulos Sipirok in the future.

A graduate from Master of Design at UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Sydney, Australia – performed her closing year 2015 by performing a Nusantara Gemilang at Oasis Restaurant Jl. Raden Saleh Raya no. 47 Jakarta Pusat from 9.00am until 6.00pm | 5-7 November 2015.