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Happening Gallery on Sinaran Kasmaran

Take a look at behind the scenes of Yunita Harun: Sinaran Kasmaran and during its runway. The annual Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 return for its sixth installment from February 1 to 5 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Central Jakarta brings a theme “Celebration of Culture”.

It shows clearly in her ”Sinaran Kasmaran” collection that she wants to enter gently in the audience mind, leaving the possibility to keep on imagining and rendering. The color purple is also often associated with love, springtime, luxury, power, and ambition. …more

Italy Chef 2

Italian scene of Cuisine

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle: A week of the extraordinary Italian taste through many activities such as cooking class, dinner, pasta show, principles of Mediterranean diet seminar and food tasting.

In this occasion, celebrity chef Gino Campagna is involved. There are several reasons why chef Gino Campagna is the authority when it comes to the issue of food and children. Chef Gino’s bigger-than-life personality makes him the perfect face for all food related media content.


Jakarta FW 1a

Jakarta Fashion Week 2016

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle: Malebbi adalah tema yang dipakai oleh Rudy Chandra yang memiliki arti sangat mendalam yakni ~ santun dan bersahaja. Kata ini tentunya mengingatkan kembali ke kota kelahiran Rudy Chandra di Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan.

Dalam perhelatan Jakarta Fashion Week yang digelar pada tanggal 28 Oktober 2016 di Senayan City Jakarta, Rudy Chandra mempersembahkan tenun Makassar (Sengkang) dengan alasan agar kain tradisional asal daerah Sengkang, Sulawesi Selatan tersebut bisa lebih dikenal luas oleh seluruh masyarakat Indonesia serta mancanegara.



Holiday Kids Therapy Awaits You

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle: Discover our one-of-a-kind holiday kids therapy. A trip to Gilli for Scuba Diving & Snorkling at Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat ~ Indonesia.

What goes up. Must come down.


INA Golf 2

INA Golf Tournament 2016

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle: INA in collaboration with Van Oord is back again this year with the INA-Van Oord Golf Tournament 2016 on Friday 21st October 2016, Riverside Gold and Country Club.

Find the opportunity to broaden your networking linkage to the Indonesian European business community, and a chance to win KLM Economy Class Ticket to Amsterdam! You are welcome to partner us to sponsor this event.


Happening I-Now2

Happening Gallery: Bujing Bujing Nauli by Yunita Harun Harahap

Happening Gallery: Bujing Bujing Nauli by Yunita Harun Harahap, an Indonesian modern fashion designer came back for an exclusive Cultural Heritage of Tapanuli Selatan and Fashion show. Showing her 28 new Tenun Sipirok with unique and transforming touch of collections for 2016 at Bimasena, Jakarta.

The Bujing Bujing Nauli by Yunita Harun was sponsored by BRI Prioritas, Bimasena, Biogents and fully supported by IKAPADA (Ikatan Komunitas Padang Sidempuan), Mustika Ratu and Indonesia-Now.


Brosur 1b

Indonesia-Now Golf Tournament

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle: “Harmony in Diversity” as the 1st Indonesia-Now Golf Tournament! The month of June is the perfect time to play golf, using the occasion before Ramadhan (fasting month) to expanding network through the Golf Tournament followed by a luncheon and entertaintment as well as the hand out of prizes. Hole in One prize of Mercedes Benz Sport GLA200 and many others!

Percentage of the Golf Tournament fund will be donated for education and health for Orphan Home especially children with disabilities and for children with heart defects surgery.