Happening Gallery on Sinaran Kasmaran

Take a look at behind the scenes of Yunita Harun: Sinaran Kasmaran and during its runway. The annual Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 return for its sixth installment from February 1 to 5 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Central Jakarta brings a theme “Celebration of Culture”.

It shows clearly in her ”Sinaran Kasmaran” collection that she wants to enter gently in the audience mind, leaving the possibility to keep on imagining and rendering. The color purple is also often associated with love, springtime, luxury, power, and ambition.

IFW 2017 626b

IFW 2017 256b

IFW 2017 176b

IFW 2017 190b

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The “Sinaran Kasmaran” runway by Yunita Harun, represent the idea of freedom, giving the impression of the wind moving free, loose and light in the sky. Yunita avoids tight shapes, letting the fabrics lying down naturally and following the body’s movements of the models. The impression of purple pastel designed by Yunita made the color of the skin the perfect partner tint with the light violet, the blending of the two shades created a new harmony enriched by one elegant touch of regality with the golden materials.

IFW 2017 207b

IFW 2017 220b

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Indonesia has a unique strength in fashion – provided by the richness of our culture and natural resources. The local knowledge along with an abundance of creative ideas, Indonesia has set a target to ultimately become one of the leading fashion centers and fashion hub in the region and globally.

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