INA Cheese & Beer1

Belgian Beer and Dutch Cheese

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle: Belgium Beer and Dutch Cheese are a perfect match and would bring together a wide selection of Belgian Beers and Dutch cheeses in one great taste session.

INA was established in 1978, is the official Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. The association aims to facilitate, encourage and support business cooperation between Indonesia, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and services more than 250 members.

The Belgian Embassy is happy to arrange different Belgian beer varieties for this event. There will be all sorts of cheeses available for tasting with a variety of flavors and textures: young, extra ripe, semi matured, old ginger, muster dill and cumin cheese – all imported directly from the Netherlands.

Belgium arguably has the most varied selection of beers in the world. You will also experience and learn the intricacies of the 9-step Belgian beer pouring method and pour your own authentic beer. Reserve your seat now to begin your Belgium Beer ticking adventure.

INA Cheese & Beer2

These delicious will fly in to treats for everyone to try and enjoy. We will serve them in a good, fun and unique way with Dutch and Belgian music (p2/Nov15).