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HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle: Discover Ammara Health & Beauty Clinic Wellness Spa that offers a comprehensive range of therapies that can meet every individual’s need. An exclusive interview with Dr. Luluk Maya Savira, MD (or Dr. Vira as she prefers to call her) who explained the unique concept of Ammara Health & Beauty Clinic Wellness Spa. Beauty is not about having white skin!

Today Ammara Health & Beauty Clinic Wellness Spa are names synonymous with beauty and health. Personally Dr. Vira believes that beauty is not only something physical but also from the inside that reflects in your eyes.

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What makes it different to other Health & Beauty Clinic?
Our quality to focus on optimum efficiency of treatment and keep long term relationshp with clients. Also improving selection of dedicated cosmetic and current technologies. Also, it is our solid team who give customers a pleasant and memorable experience in a relaxed, private and calm environment. A friendly services provided include face treatments, healing body massages, body treatments and wellness spa pampering treatments for women and men.

Here at Ammara Health & Beauty Clinic Wellness Spa, for beauty and healthy reason, before every treatment begins, each customer should be given a fresh bowl of soapy water to soak their feet in.

As an urban oasis in Southen part of Jakarta where beauty treatment and spa relaxation meets the latest innovations in medical aesthetics, our highly trained therapists offer everything from head to toe advanced rejuvenation and many more.

Like at home!
Customer can relax in the privacy of room treatment at Ammara Health & Beauty Clinic Wellness Spa and it is like experiencing treatment at your own home. As some public figures as our prime clients mostly request to keep their privacy to be highly maintained while doing their treatments (Picture below Dwi Andhika – a sinetron artist).

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Does Ammara bring the latest technology of beauty care to Indonesia?
Ammara Lions1aOh yes definitely, Dr. Vira replied right away. Ammara Health & Beauty Clinic Wellness Spa keep updating with the most highly technology equipment and keen to attend seminars within the region and abroad. Dr. Vira is actively to deliver speech at Lions Club South Jakarta where she become a member (picture right).

Founded in year 2011 – Ammara Health & Beauty Clinic Wellness Spa started to open at Bellagio Mall of Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. Due to Ammara HJMoon2offering really efficient as well as affordable solutions for beauty treatments, it has rapidly expanding its horizons – in December 2014 moved to current addres here at Jl. K. H. Ahmad Dahlan no. 6, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, phone: (021) 6051-9593.

Dr. Vira just recently attended some trainings to master the injectable procedures of Botox and filler and other aesthetic procedure in South Korea (picture left with Dr. Hyoung-Jin Moon, MD Plastic Surgeon from South Korea).

Ammara Best Selling Treatment – CutherapyAmmara Yenni Wahid1
With cutheraphy you can get your natural beauty. It has three components, namely rejuvenation, tightening and brightening (Picture above with Yenni Wahid – a famous politician from Indonesia). Different from other treatment, cutherapy can Ammara Tyas Mirasih2solve all the problems of the most common skin damage only with one treatment! Among the aging, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin (Picture left with Tyas Mirasih – an FTV famous artist).

Ammara SDayan2Cutherapy is premium skin laser 2D/3D treatment for tightening, brightening, rejuvenation and pigmentation, you will get the result only once treatment! With no pain, no anaesthesia and no down time, so a customer may leave the clinic straight away after the treatment even with full make-up (Picture above with Dr. Steven H. Dayan MD – Plastic Surgeon from USA).  This Cutherapy treatment not only focuses on skin brightening, but also more on your skin tone, reduces redness, and minimizes pores. All new products mostly applied to Ammara internal team before they are launched to  public and customers.

What is Ammara Beauty Clinic Vision & Mission?Profile6a
Our Vision is to empower women to be in control of their destinies and lead happy and successful lives through their ability to look and feel attractive.

Dr. Vira wish to educate woman of what beauty is about. Beauty is not about having pretty face, it is about having pretty mind, a pretty heart and most important is having a pretty soul. So, beauty is how feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical – as Sophia Loren says about beauty.

She also emphasises that beauty is not necessarily having a white skin, but beauty is having a real healthy and bright skin. In a contrast that most Indonesian women in a country with tropical weather like Indonesia are so afraid of dark skin and this is a totally wrong perception of beauty standard.

Ammara’s Mission
To enable our customers to be physically attractive by applying the most advanced technology, while implementing to highest ethical standards and always putting the client’s best interests and comfort first.




Ammara Jordan2During her spare time, Dr. Vira enjoys going to the gym or fitness center. She loves travelling with her families whenever there is an opportunity in between seminars, to expose more on other cultures, while expanding her global vision.

As a busy business woman, Dr. Vira tends to slip into routine activities. Traveling to a foreign country is one of the best ways to step outside from my comfort zone. The experience on new culture deters many from starting journey (picture left with husband during holiday in Jordan).

Wellness Spa

An exotic environment and one-of-a-kind treatment that are therapeutic, timelss that gives you a wellness experience like none other. Relax and pamper yourself in Ammara’s world day spa. Rejuvenate your body and soul for a more beautiful you. It’s what every urban people dreams to enoy life!

IMG_6583aAmmara special package
1. Sensual Bali
2. Exotic Bali
3. Spirit of Bali
4. Royal Bali
5. Sunrise at Senggigi
6. Mutiara Ammara Spa

Take care of yourself by refreshing your body systems, mind, and soul  – provides significant benefits to improved alertness and to succeed in any area of life. Relaxation to your brain for more rest is the key to transforming the way we think and feel to enjoy life to its fullest (31Aug/15/p2).


One stop shopping – boutique, Kelles Tree cafe & clinicIMG_6397a
Ammara’s venue is cleverly designed as a one-stop-shop boutique fashion, coffee IMG_6402bshop and beauty clinic wellness spa. For many busy business urban people, you may have a beauty treatment with fun and interactive at Ammara’s venue while hold a casual meeting or even monthly meeting at the same place that is tailored to meet your privacy needs.

The Kelles Tree Cafe
Is on the 3rd floor offering gourmet fresh Indonesian food. The Kelles Tree Cafe also have some private rooms for corporate meetings where karaoke lounge availability, is the way to go for groups looking to sing all night or for special occasion that open for public (picture right Serabi Oncom as the best selling Indonesian menu).




Jl. K. H. Ahmad Dahlan no. 6, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta (021) 6051-9593 +62-8968-3028-746. Monday to Sunday, 10:00-20:00

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