INDAMA ENERKOM – Your Strategic Partner

A Consultant to support a better management of people in companies. We provide consulting services related to Human Capital Management Strategy and we do employee services related to employee engagement and employee satisfaction where the aim is to build competitive advantages of an organization.

Our Company provide training and development programs and help increase the employees knowledge, skills and attitude. Also help the company to build the team and the organization

Staff and Experts
a. We have experts with various competencies in human capital strategist included the strategy formulation and implementation of Human Capital Management which covers recruitment, people training & development, talent management strategy and system, compensation strategy and performance management
b. Providing qualified manpower as per requirement of the Client
c. We have experts in the area of Engineering, Construction & Services

Developing Individual Soft Skills
* Building assertiveness and decisiveness
* Building Effective communication ability
* Managing your performance
* Managing Career in a company

Building organizational culture that clearly establish
* Building organization where people enjoy working
* Culture of Discipline towards result and process orientation for productivity
* Creating culture that enable constructive and positive working environment

Turning a work group becomes a team
* Building Team (Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing)
* Build the model of effective work teams, and specify the two criteria of team
* Five teamwork competencies team member need to possess
* High performance teams.

We provide Consulting services on Organizational Design and Structure with concept that Organization structure consists of:
* Hierarchy of Authority Division
* Division Of Labour
* Spans of Control
* Line & Staff Position

In everyday life and routines of work and career INDAMA ENERKOM also will serve the discussion and plan on Talent Management Strategy that will affect your career and your success and your company

Why Talent Management?
1. The world is entering the Talent Age era and companies around the world are competing to get the right talent, develop, deploy and retain them in their organization.
2. INDAMA Enerkom will help companies to plan and establish their Talent Management Strategy through a comprehensive discussion and consulting work.
3. Performance management provides the ongoing processes and practices to maintain a stellar workforce.

Public Training
We provide also public training that will enable the participant to gain more interpersonal knowledge and skills to help their career progression:
* Positive Power & Influence
* Authentic Leadership: be your self while being a leader
* Leading Change : be a change agent !!

Indama Enerkom has an excellent reputation in providing all type of manpower to our client and is a professionally managed company. The company built up expert for all type of works, providing Manpower as per requirement of the client and job.

Our company provide an automation system to reach your high standard efficiency plant with green environment solution.

We will help you to establish site survey, preliminary engineering, procurement, delivery,
construction, FAT/SAT and commissioning. Our experience in supporting power plant, substation, chemical plant, telecommunication tower and building will be an advantage for you and your plant.

In order to reach high quality plant through control solution such PLC, SCADA, we always updated with many features and make sure everything will maximize you plant performance.

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