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What’s Ahead for a Busway in a Grid-locked City

HIGHLIGHT on Infrastructure by Steve Kosasih: Changing The TransJakarta busway system hit the ground running in January 2004 when line 1 (Kota to Blok M) opened.

It was a thankless task to retro-fit a modern busway onto a city which had little experience of and scant respect for a properly-managed public transportation system.

When: Tuesday March 3 | 7:00pm
Venue: Erasmus Huis

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In addition Jakarta inhabitants are often described as in love with the car. So it is not surprising that it has been a struggle for TransJakarta to earn loyalty and respect from IHS Skosasih 5bthe traveling public, particularly commuters.

There is an air of optimism surrounding the service now that Governor Ahok is firmly in position. There have been highs and lows in daily service, in maintenance, in continuity. At present, the building of the MRT and the intrusions of other vehicles into busway lanes mean that the regularity of arrivals and departures that would delight travelers is still a dream.

Steve Kosasih is the man in the hot seat, the President Director of TransJakarta. He is convinced that a second-to-none service on the busway is just around the corner and he will be explaining to us why we should get out there and hop on the buses with immediate effect Erasmus Huis, behind the Dutch Embassy, Off Jl Rasuna Said, Kuningan Nearest Transjakarta bus stop is Kuningan Barat/Timur Open to the Public (p2/feb15).

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