Protecting Papua Ecosystems

INFRASTRUCTURE HIGHLIGHT by Bustar Maitar: Excellence, Entrepreneurship and Ecosystems. The Indonesian province of Papua is a frontier paradise, home to pristine tropical forests and unique marine ecosystems. It is filled with natural resources, and its 3.5 million inhabitants form communities steeped in diversity and heritage.

These riches, however, are under threat. The Special Autonomy Law, so promising at inception, has not created sustainable development. Forging solutions locally is difficult when the majority of the population has not finished secondary school.

When: Tuesday March 10 | 7pm
Venue: Erasmus Huis


IHS Skosasih 5a

What’s Ahead for a Busway in a Grid-locked City

HIGHLIGHT on Infrastructure by Steve Kosasih: Changing The TransJakarta busway system hit the ground running in January 2004 when line 1 (Kota to Blok M) opened.

It was a thankless task to retro-fit a modern busway onto a city which had little experience of and scant respect for a properly-managed public transportation system.

When: Tuesday March 3 | 7:00pm
Venue: Erasmus Huis


James Castle5a

The Start of The Jokowi Era

Highlight on  Economy During the Transformational Leader: What is to come? The first few months of any new government’s term can often be decisive in setting the foundation for its success or failure. How should we evaluate the first few months of the Jokowi government and what do they tell us about prospects for the future?

James Castle believes that Bapak Joko Widodo is off to a good start. Indonesia’s seventh President should be able to reverse the steady economic slow down of the past several years and has the potential to become a truly “transformational leader”.

When: Tuesday February 24. 7:00pm
Venue: Erasmus Huis


Happening I-Now2

Happening Gallery 2015

HIGHLIGHT on Economy 2015: CEO & Leaders Forum “Indonesia’s Economy in 2015: CAPTURING OPPORTUNITIES MANAGING RISKS,” presented by IPMI International Business School and Bloomberg Indonesia on Tuesday, 27th January 2015 at IPMI Campus. More about IPMI International Business School:



Aviation Policy Indonesia 2014

INFRASTRUCTURE HIGHLIGHT on Aviation – JAKARTA, APRIL 22 2014: Airport Infrastructure Planning Set to Accelerate National Economic Growth Airports and Aviation Indonesia 2014 and the Indonesia Aviation Business Forum 2014 are set to prepare Indonesia to thrive under ASEAN Open Skies Policy.

“We look forward to bringing the news and opportunities emerging in Indonesia to our global community that attends the DAS, delivering to Indonesia new potential partners for local industry to embrace as they prepare to compete under ASEAN Open Skies Policy set to take effect in 2015” Alan Solow from Infrastructure Asia added.



IFCCI Business Luncheon

BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT: The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) organizes a Business Luncheon with Mahendra Siregar on Wednesday, May 7th 2014. IFCCI works for its members  with the intention to accompany its members to success by providing more innovating and dynamic services among the 200 members from different countries.

IFCCI also, contributes in promoting Indonesian French business community by being a privileged meeting point through the organization of events such as business luncheons, working group and other annual prestigious events.



Colombia in petroleum industry

Colombia presents in Indonesia investment opportunities in petroleum! Colombia, a country that has managed in the recent years to position itself internationally for its continuing growth as a destination of trade, tourism and investment, which managed to keep growth rate above 4%, far above the world average, and in 2013, was the third most business-friendly country, the greatest reformer in Latin America according to the Doing Business of the World Bank and has received direct foreign investment of USD 15.650 million, in which 31% corresponds to the oil sector and 17,5 % to the mining and quarries.

With exportation to 181 countries and with an offer of 9.700 export companies, Colombia offers ease of access to global markets for its privileged geographical location and developed logistic infrastructure, with an oil reserves of 47 billion barrels produced in the last 10 years, oil production is increasing 86%, and currently produces one million barrels per day, and thanks to the free trade agreements, it has established itself as an export platform, taking Asian region as its second destination of exports and imports.