Jokowi at the One-Year Mark

HIGHLIGHT on Infrastructure: A Promising Start or Signs of Troubled Presidency. Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, Indonesia’s seventh president, promised a presidency focused on upgrading infrastructure, reforming energy policy, reducing logistics costs, improving health and education, and maintaining the fight against corruption – all essential for a better investment climate and greater prosperity.

Doug will discuss President Jokowi’s first year in office and assess the country’s current business, economic, and political environment. Looking forward, Doug will describe the risks and opportunities in Indonesia that can be expected in 2016.

When: Tuesday 20 October by Douglas E. Ramage
Venue: Erasmus Huis, Jl Rasuna Said Kuningan Jakarta

As head of Bower Group’s Indonesia office since 2011, Doug advises leading multinational companies on Indonesia’s political economy and investment climate.

Previously he was The Asia Foundation’s country representative in Jakarta, and served as a senior governance and politics advisor to The World Bank and Australia’s development program in Indonesia. He is the author of Politics in Indonesia (London, 1997), and coauthor of Seeing Indonesia as a Normal Country (Canberra, 2008).

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Twice a year the Indonesian Heritage Society (IHS) offers popular English-language Evening Lecture. These lectures are one of the oldest activities of IHS, with the first lecture being held in 1973. Since then, over 400 lectures have been presented on topics relating to Indonesian culture and contemporary issues of the day.

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