Colombia in petroleum industry

Colombia presents in Indonesia investment opportunities in petroleum! Colombia, a country that has managed in the recent years to position itself internationally for its continuing growth as a destination of trade, tourism and investment, which managed to keep growth rate above 4%, far above the world average, and in 2013, was the third most business-friendly country, the greatest reformer in Latin America according to the Doing Business of the World Bank and has received direct foreign investment of USD 15.650 million, in which 31% corresponds to the oil sector and 17,5 % to the mining and quarries.

With exportation to 181 countries and with an offer of 9.700 export companies, Colombia offers ease of access to global markets for its privileged geographical location and developed logistic infrastructure, with an oil reserves of 47 billion barrels produced in the last 10 years, oil production is increasing 86%, and currently produces one million barrels per day, and thanks to the free trade agreements, it has established itself as an export platform, taking Asian region as its second destination of exports and imports.

For Colombia, Indonesia with its presence in multilateral scenario of the world and regional groups such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations – ASEAN, has been the biggest Southeast Asian economy and the third in terms of the growth in Asia, with growth rate above 6% in the last five years, it is the epicenter of the gate to the Southeast Asia, with its strategic position between Asia and Oceania, and like Colombia, it is a country with a growing and prosperous middle class, and nearly 60% of its young people that make both countries progress daily in their relations.

Colombia Embassy in Jakarta
Embassy of Colombia in Indonesia reopens, strengthens, and decided to establish the Commercial Office for Tourism, Investment and Export Promotion – PROEXPORT to Southeast Asia and Oceania with headquarter located in Jakarta. Email:

Now, after two and a half years working and recognizing the effective leadership of Indonesia in Asia in hydrocarbon among others, Jakarta is selected to host the 4th Colombian Roadshow 2014, held by the National Hydrocarbons Agency ANH – the highest authority of the Government of Colombia in oil and gas, after being held in Calgary (Canada), Houston (United States), and London (England), in which will offer a total of 97 blocks for Exploration and Production contracts (E&P) and Technical Evaluation Agreement (TEA) for Oil & Gas activities in Colombia, distributed in the following manner: 57 of Onshore Conventional (7’007.888ha), 13 of Offshore Conventional (7’961.247 ha), 19 of Unconventional oil and gas shale (1’693.078ha) and 8 of Unconventional of gas associated to coal bed (CBM) (1’265.892 ha).

Recently during the multiple meetings at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta, exposed the success of Colombia in petroleum industry, and presented to more than 80 leaders of the private sector, the Indonesian Petroleum Association – IPA and members of the government, the investment opportunities of goods and services in petroleum industry existing in Colombia (Apr14/p4).