Visual Art by Marco Ginex

HIGHLIGHT on Architectural Photography: An Abstract Architectural Exhibition Marco Ginex presented PT Jakarta Land. American architect Julia Morgan once said, “Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.“

Indeed, since the Ancient Greece era, thousands of enormous spaces have been achieved through feats of engineering and the sculptural and ornamental qualities made by artists at that time. Remarkable architecture provides its own emotional experience.

Photography takes a step further to interpret architecture in several ways. What used to be an accurate portrayal of the structure has now gradually evolved into a manipulation IsaArtMarco3of different perspectives to bring out the interesting elements of a single structure.

This is what Marco Ginex does, through his lenses, he invites the viewer to see the most beautiful architectural elements from all over the world that have never been seen before.

Since he was just a young boy, Marco Ginexhas already developed his passion for clear lines, geometric figures and bodies as well as drawing in perspective. He was fascinated by the perfection and the simple clarity of the Euclidean geometrical rules with which he could take apart and describe his complete environment.In the beginning, his photography focused rather on portraits of people and stills. Only later he discovered Architectural and Landscape Photography. What he had once expressed in drawing in perspective and mathematical calculations he could now discover and create with the help of his SLR. This time, as part of their Art at WTC programme that has been running for one year, PT Jakarta Land invites Marco to presents eight specially taken photos of Jakarta’s landscape, two of which are the photos of the WTC Building itself.


PT Jakarta Land’s World Trade Centre complex has been a byword for quality office space andmanagement services for over 40 years. Art is an integral part of a creative and productive office environment, and so as part of their long-term commitment to their tenants, PT Jakarta Land, working together with ISA Art Advisory, initiating the Art at WTC Programme that includes public viewing of international standard collections over the coming years.Some of the programmes that have been running so far are hoarding art, sculpture garden, and exhibitions that are conducted periodically (p1/apr15).


Happening Gallery of Architectural Photography: