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Artworks of Jang Jang Joe

HIGHLIGHT on Paintings Exhibition: Kuvera Fine Art together with Lions Club Jakarta Selatan Metteyya just recently present the Paintings Exhibition “The Impressionist Journey” by Jang Jang Joe.

An exhibition of one talented and distinguished impressionist artist Jang Jang Joe, an Indonesian born Australian ~ on 26th September until 31 October 2016, at Kuntskring Jl. Teuku Umar no.1 Menteng Jakarta.

During the exhibition, Jang offers the lowest benchmark of Jang’s paintings which considered once in a lifetime opportunity! Very good value for collectors. The Art lovers throughout the world miss no opportunity on the art exhibition.

His deep interest and appreciation towards Indonesian heritage buildings and culture brought him back to Indonesia. Embracing impressionist painting style, Jang is best known for his distinctive technique that effortlessly capture strong characters of the objects he painted with minimum strokes.

The right lighting, shadowing and composition have never failed to deliver the impressions to the eyes when interpreted correctly by the brain.

One thing for sure, such emotionally moving pieces of art will bring you to experience the enjoyment of fine art. Fine artenjoyment that you can expect from Jang.

Affandi by Jang Jang Joe 2Affandi Koesoema ~ Oil on canvas 30x40cm 2016 (left). A well known Indonesian painter for his direct way of squirting paints from tubes straight onto canvas and smeared paint all over with his fingers.

IMG_9949aNgarai Sianok ~ oil on canvas 60x75cm 2015 is the name of a well known valley in Sumatra. It is very picturesque and has been subject to many paintings in the past. With such beautiful landscape, like many others, could not help but be inspired to paint it. Picture (right) while Jang explained the detail of Ngarai Sianok painting.

Fairway to Tanah Lot ~ oil on canvas 40x60cm 2011
A small rock island on the Western shores of Bali island Indonesia. It is a popular tourist attraction and it has a Hindu temple on the island. Nearby is the Nirwana golf club where on one of the par 3 hole, golfers can see Tanah Lot island beyond the green. Tanah Lot is the dark island in the background beyond the palm trees. The fairway referred to in the painting is the golf fairway.

Kunstring 2016 Sept 4a

Sawah landscape ~ oil on canvas 40x60cm 2015
This painting below was done baased on request of one collector from New York, USA. She would love to have a typical Indonesian landscape painting. And it is now hanging proudly in her home.


During opening the Paintings Exhibition, there was a special occassion of hand-over portraiture by Jang Jang Joe to Indonesia-Now (Ms. Betty Siahaan) with a narative of portraiture below:

This portrait painting of Betty is one of Jang’s favourite painting. In the painting Betty’s hair, which although seemingly easy wavy hair to paint, was rather complex with strand of hairs that interweave under and over another.

Betty 3

Shadowing and higlighting of the strand of Betty’s hairs was done with care and attention to create the intended effect. The overall feeling of the color in this painting is warm and very nice composition with nice green background which create a characteristic that is not measurable or quantifiable, and is based on different elements between them.


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