Pavarotti Forever

HIGHLIGHT on Entertainment and Culture: For the first time in Indonesia, Ciputra Artpreneur in collaboration with The Embassy of Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute, and Pavarotti Foundation, proudly presents a special international tribute concert dedicated to the great legendary tenor from Italy, Luciano Pavarotti, marking the 10th anniversary of his passing. “Pavarotti Forever” to be held on Sunday 26 November 2017, 7 PM, at Ciputra Artpreneur Theater.

It seems remarkable that a decade has already passed since September 6, 2007, when the world mourned one of the most beloved and legendary singers. “I think a life in music is a life spent in beauty and is what I have devoted my life ~ Luciano Pavarotti”.

On the occasion of the 10th year of his passing
The Pavarotti Foundation organized a series of concerts in the world, with the peak event on September 6, 2017 at the Verona Arena. Indonesia is included in this world tour, in the framework of the Agreement of cultural cooperation between Italy and Indonesia.

One of Pavarotti’s greatest contributions is to popularize the composer Giacomo Puccini to the world, especially with his aria “Nessun Dorma” which makes it the most popular opera aria in the world after he sang it at the World Cup 1990. He has also brought to light many works of Italian composers such as Donizetti and Giuseppe Verdi which proves how valuable his country’s cultural assets are to the whole world. If we hear the word “Italian” now, automatically we remember the nation’s greatest art, the opera. Giacomo Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” became more popular after it became the soundtrack for the scene at the Vienna opera house in the movie “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”. This 10-minutes scene in the film became the most memorable part that captured the hearts of the wide audience.

Some of the best singers from Pavarotti Foundation, Tenors Marco Miglietta, Jenish Ysmanov, Alin Stoica, and Soprano Elisa Balbo, will be accompanied by renowned pianist and a long-time friend of Maestro, Paolo Andreoli. They will bring to life the memory of Pavarotti through his famous arias, singing his famous aria, such as Traviata-Brindisi, O Sole Mio, and more.

A special part of this recital is an intimate exhibition of memorabilias from Pavarotti’s musical career that will be held on 25 & 26 November 2017 at Ciputra Artpreneur. Gracing this momentous event in Jakarta will be the wife of the great Maestro, Nicoletta Mantovani, who is also the Director of the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation.

Ananda Sukarlan
Ciputra PAVAROTTI 7aHowever there is more. Indonesia’s most prominent composer & pianist, Ananda Sukarlan, has agreed to compose a new virtuosic piano work as a tribute to Pavarotti, who unfortunately had not visited and witness the beauty of Indonesia. That’s why Ananda makes his new work combining Indonesian (Javanese) elements with the artistry of Pavarotti and Puccini, which promises this work to be a unique piece of music in the music history. This work, entitled “I Wish Pavarotti Had Met Marzuki”, try to convey what if Pavarotti knew Ismail Marzuki’s music, the Indonesian songwriter so admired by Ananda.

Ananda believes that if Marzuki were used as a cultural asset of the nation and the government would seriously introduce his music to the international world, it will boost the image of Indonesian music as much as Puccini for Italy, or Mozart for Austria. At this upcoming concert on November 26, this work will be premiered by the composer himself, which is expected to be a milestone in Italian and Indonesian cultural relations.


About The Concert of Pavarotti Forever
Date : 26 November 2017
Time : 7 PM
Duration : 90 minutes
Place : Ciputra Artpreneur Theater

Ticket Price:
Platinum IDR 1,750,000
Gold IDR 1,250,000
Silver IDR 850,000
Bronze IDR 550,000

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