Jakarta’s 486th Anniversary 2013

Inconjunction with the commemoration of Jakarta’s 486th anniversary on June 22, 2013, Jakarta Provincial Government is highlighting beautifully the capital city.

Until 1949 the Jakarta was named Batavia, from 1949-72 its was named Djakarta. Jakarta is primary port city, the largest city and the capital of Indonesia.  Jakarta also has a greater population than any other city in Southeast Asia! Jakarta is the country’s economic, cultural and political centre.

One of the efforts conducted is by repairing and repainting hundreds of bridges in South Jakarta. “In accordance to Governor’s Instruction.

To celebrate the Jakarta Anniversary Festival XI, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta is also performing special agenda on June 2013. Check it out herewith!

There are more than 200 bridges in South Jakarta and some of those bridges are located on Jl. Haji Cokong, Setiabudi; Jl. Permata Hijau, Kebayoran Lama; and Jl. Haji Muhi, Kebayoran Lama.

In some districts, bridges at Kebayoran Baru, Pesanggrahan, Setiabudi, and Tebet are ready with stone ornaments that painted with natural colors. Colors are also stipulated in silver and bronze. “The colors have been determined, either silver or bronze. Particularly for South Jakarta, we chose silver.