Handshake Concert Jakarta 2013

The Handshake Concert is a concert to celebrate friendship, culture and promote goodwill through music and interactions.

The Handshake Concert was coined right after the North East India Music Festival held on World Music Day June 21, 2008 at Guwahati, India. The event was organized by Rattle & Hum Music society under the patronage of North East Zone Culture Centre – Government of India.

WHen: 8.pm Wednesday, 19 Juni 2013
Venue: Gedung Kesenian Jakarta Jl. Gedung Kesenian no 1 Jakarta

The members felt that very few platforms existed that celebrated such diverse styes of music (western/ classical/pop/Rock/Folk/ and Fusion) on one single stage and day. Over and above this they also felt that such a concept will not only bring musicians closer together but promote goodwill and universal friendship “one handshake at a time”.

With this vision, in the following year 2009, The Handshake Concert was officially launched at St. Andrews auditorium Mumbai, the event was organized in collaboration with Rollingstone Magazine.

In 2010 the concert was held in New Delhi at India Habitat Centre, 2011 at Bangalore – Chowdiah Memorial Hall.

In 2012 the first Handshake Concert abroad was held in Bangkok. The event was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Commerce Government of Thailand and Government of Nagaland.

Following the successful turn of event, the idea of organizing such an event, as Handshake Concert was coined by members of the society to celebrate culture and promote goodwill and universal friendship through music with the theme— “One handshake at a time”.

This year’s concert will be held as a part of the larger Jakarta Festival, an annual event in Indonesia organized by the Gedung Kesenian society. The opportunity given to the Nagas by the Gedung Kesenian where thousands will be witnessing the mega festival.

The whole idea is to promote Naga culture and artists from local to global arena. “The world is our stage… we want to promote and show case Nagaland to the world”.

The neoclassical style venue (for the 2013 concert)– Gedung Kesenian, Jakarta (Jakarta Art Building), historically known as Schouwburg Weltevreden, is a concert hall built during the Dutch colonial period.

The venue will hosts around 25 artists that include—Grammy award winner and patron of R&HMS, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, The Nagaland Chamber Choir (TNCC), Alobo Naga & The Band, Renbeni Odyuo, Zowie Madrigal, Naro Pienyü and other Indonesian artists.

The participants were selected on the basis of their musical achievements and contributions to Naga music. The team will be led by Khriehu Liezietsü, MLA & Advisor NRE, Music Task Force and chairman DPDB, Kohima district who is also the chief patron of R&HMS and other officials from the R&HMS and state government representatives.

Ate Kevichusa, who was the producer for Channel V, will be the key coordinator and producer for the 2013, Handshake Concert in Jakarta.

This would be the second international edition of the Handshake Concert, the last which was held in Bangkok organized in partnership from the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Thailand and the Nagaland Government.

Gratitude to Aosenla Jennifer Pongen, Associate Refugee Status  Discrimination Officer for the UNHCR in Jakarta, who played a vital role in making the event in Jakarta possible.

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