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Colombia, United in Diversity

HIGHLIGHT on Art & Exhibition: Ambassador of Colombia in Indonesia, also accredited to ASEAN, H.E. Mr. Alfonso Garzón opened the exhibition “OFFICIAL MAIL – Colombia and Southeast Asia, united in diversity” on Monday, 12 October 2015.

The Exhibition will last until November 1st at Pacific Place Mall from today – becomes the stage for birds, stamps and flowers from some of the most representative and iconic symbols of Southeast Asia and Colombia.

Columbia2aIn the 128 m2 installation, the Colombian artist Diana Beltrán, taking only pieces of paper as the raw material, accomplished through the allegories, the beauty and diversity of the countries presented in the exhibition, mainly Colombia that is also widely represented as the country with bird and the national tricolor.

The Exhibition shows how differences between Colombia and South East Asian countries, but there are many common things and opportunities that unite in diversity. Day by day building new bonds and strengthening the friendship, trade and cooperation. Picture below with Yunita Harun (Indonesian Fashion Designer), Ambassador of Colombia in Indonesia, also accredited to ASEAN, H.E. Mr. Alfonso Garzón and Betty Siahaan (Executive Director of Indonesia-Now).

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During the opening of the exhibition, the Ambassador of Colombia in Indonesia Alfonso Garzón, also drew attention on the work of the artist, as a sign of the human being ability to communicate through the creative genius of their hands, replicating the beauty of their environment and various living beings from whom we derive our physical and spiritual food, which we can say that we deserve to be worthy of carrying the human condition in this ship called planet earth.

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Additionally, within the works exhibited are present “Garuda”, the mythological bird of the host country, a symbol of strength, greatness and energy to defense the nation; the “Jalak Bali” an emblematic species of the island of Bali which is also in every 200 rupiah coins currently in circulation; the “Masked Inseparable” from Lao, also known as the “lovebird”; ” Eastern Kingfisher ” from Malaysia, a bird that may be found both in urban areas like forests and also the “Common Tern” from Singapore, known for its elegant flight and the plumage that with extended wings can measure up to 80 cms.

The birds as expressed by the Ambassador Garzón, teach us the positive significance of migrations in the Columbia3aworld, avoiding the barriers that human incomprehension in some nations imposed (Picture left: Sample of Stamp).

The artist, Diana Beltrán wants to let your imagination fly, accompanied by birds, with allusions to stamps and some flowers, symbolizing the capacity of human beings, the ones that fight for a world in peace have always dreamed of.

Diana Beltrán Herrera
A Colombian artist who despite being 28 years old, already has an extensive resume of international work that few artists accomplish at such a young age. She is primarily a creator that using paper trasnforms the elements that surround us in our daily routine and gives them life through sclupture in motion. Picture below with the Colombian artist Diana Beltrán Herrera.


Colombia Diana Beltran Herrera2a

These are just some samples that the Embassy of Colombia will share for 21 consecutive days, in the Atrium of Pacific Place in Jakarta (Oct15/p2).