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Angin be Dingin by La Folia

HIGHLIGHT on Music Entertainment: The Embassy of Spain in Jakarta hosted a flute music concert, “Angin be Dingin” (meaning the wind is strong ~ music of the Iberian trade routes to India, Southeast Asia and Japan) by the Baroque flute Duo Soloist La Folia.

This music concert was conducted as part of the celebration of the IV Centenary of the Death of Miguel de Cervantes, the most important writer in Spanish literature. They travelled from Spain to perform at the Catholic Church of Santa Theresa Jakarta (Indonesia) on Tuesday 19th of April 2016 on the occasion of their Asian Tour.

As part of a joint cultural collaboration with the Embassy, the Choir Capella Victoria Jakarta made a contribution to the program, with two appearances during the performance of La Folíato the delight of the audience.

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The program included works by composers such as Gonzalo de Baena, Jacob van Eyck, Michel Blavet, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Baltasar Martínez Compañón, Zulema de la Cruz, William Hamilton Bird, Arcangelo Corelli, Georg Friedrich Haendel and it was completed with a piece which has been composed for this tour and is inspired in Cervantes’s Don Quixote, one of the great literary works of the Spanish and universal Flute Spanish 11aliterature, as a part of the celebrations of the fourth centenary of the death of the Spanish writer in 2016.

H.E. Mr. Francisco Jose Viqueira Niel as the Ambassador of Spain to Indonesia (picture left) ~ emphasized the importance of choosing the Church of Santa Theresa as venue for the concert, specially for its connection with this type of music, originally designed to be played in these Flute Spanish 4akind of spaces during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, both historically related to the routes of Spain and Portugal to India, Southeast Asia and Japan, from Madrid and Lisbon to Kyoto and Beijing, through Latin America (Spanish Road), Africa (Portuguese Road), Kolkata, Banda Aceh or Bangkok.

The estimated number of people who attended the event was around eight hundred, including high level officials from different Ministries, Ambassadors, successful entrepreneurs and many music students.

Music and Context: A Historical Interpretation
Furthermore, the visit of the duo, formed by Professor D. Pedro Bonet and Mrs. Belen Gonzalez, included a lecture and masterclass on “Music and context: a historical interpretation” held the day after the concert at Institut Kesenian Jakarta, attended by about sixty students from different musical disciplines who were not only able to learn about the historical musical interpretation and the European tradition, but were provided with several tools during the practical part of the class in the specific treatment of musical ornamentation, during which some students were encouraged to intervene playing musical pieces of Indonesian traditional music.

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Duo of soloist: Pedro Bonet & Belén González Castaño

About Pedro Bonet
Founder member and director of the Baroque Ensemble “La Folía”, he is professor at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid (Spain), from whose Early Music Department he is actually the Head. He has also given master classes and taught courses in various universities and specialized centers in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Singapore and The Philippines. He studied recorder with R. Escalas, and in 1978 he graduated from Madrid’s Conservatory with the highest award.

He was granted a scholarship from the Juan March Foundation and the Spanish and Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs to pursue advanced studies with K. Boeke and W. van Hauwe at the Sweelinck Conservatorium of Amsterdam.

As a concert performer, Pedro Bonet has devoted himself to raising the profile of the Baroque repertoire using original instruments. He has recorded and performed in Spain and over forty countries of Europe, America and Asia and he has played as a soloist with orchestras like Camerata de Madrid, Camerata del Prado, Sinfónica de Madrid, Barroque Orchestra from Oporto, Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra, Gran Teatro del Liceu Orchestra of Barcelona, I SolistiAquilani), in solo recorder concerts and in varied ensembles with Ensemble “La Folía”, which he founded in 1977.

For more information visit:La Folía: www.lafolia.es
Miguel de Cervantes: http://400cervantes.es/en