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100 Years Hendra Gunawan

HIGHLIGHT on Painting Exhibition: Witness the artworks of Hendra Gunawan, that never been seen by the public before! As part of commemorating the 100th anniversary of Hendra Gunawan, one of the best modern artists.

Hendra Gunawan was born in Bandung, June 11, 1918. He is an artist with a strong nationalist spirit, recorded in the history of Indonesia and the world of art, making Indonesia the most beloved motherland.

With his involvement in the battle for the sake of independence, and the bitter years that lived behind bars from 1965 to 1978, the name Hendra Gunawan was engraved in the history of the Indonesian nation. As an artist, Hendra Gunawan’s works come with bold and distinctive colors, depicting the aesthetics and tropical side of the Indonesian nation.

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This refers to the 13 years that Hendra Gunawan lived in Waru Gardens prison for his alleged involvement in the activities of Lekra, the Indonesian People’s Cultural Institute which was active in the 1950s and 1960s. However, in addition to the physical confinement experienced by Hendra, this exhibition wants to express the idea of the hope that has always existed in Hendra during his life. His passion for the people and his homeland gave a unique characteristic and better understand the journey of life to his paintings, radiating a popular spirit that inspired the artistic style with the very characteristic of Indonesia.

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While enjoying Spektrum Hendra Gunawan, there was also a monologue piece and perform it live, broadway jazz by Gigi Art of Dance. Presenting a series of famous musical numbers such as ‘burn’ from hamilton, ‘omar sharif’ from the band’s visit and many more!

Start date: August 5, 2018
End date: August 16, 2018
Location: Ciputra Artpreneur Museum