HIGHLIGHT ON Education: The New Zealand Independent School is a unique educational facility which offers a nurturing environment for our students to explore and investigate the world around them within a safe and familiar ‘small school’ setting.

Our school implements the New Zealand TeWhaariki curriculum in our Early Years, the New Zealand Curriculum in our Primary and Cambridge in our Secondary sector.

Our primary school currently has 8 classes with a maximum of 22 students in each class.  Our primary classes begin with New Entrants, which is a class that begins half way through our school year and has students who turned 5 after first term and are too young for Year 1!  Our primary classes then extend from Year 1 to Year 6 with our oldest students turning eleven in their final year of primary schooling.


Many of our primary teachers are from New Zealand and implement the NZIS School Vision to nurture creative minds by supporting the young people in our care to become confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.  Our curriculum is founded on the principles of high expectations where cultural diversity, inclusion, learning to learn, community engagement, coherence and a future focus are all valued.

The New Zealand Independent School has a holistic approach to education which is promoted through the Learning Areas of English, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Learning Languages, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Social Studies and Technology.


As well as providing unique teaching and learning opportunities within our classrooms, at NZIS we also value Education Outside the Classroom.  This means that students often go on excursions or have ‘expert’ visitors come into the school to assist in providing rich authentic learning opportunities.  We endeavor to make links within our community by participating in Clean Up Jakarta Day and the Jakarta Association of Small International School’s sporting events as well as hosting a local community bazaar twice a year (Sep15/p2).

At all times we endeavour to keep our students at the centre of teaching and learning, asserting that they should experience a curriculum that engages and challenges them, Logo4is forward-looking and affirms New Zealand’s unique identity (NZ Ministry of Education).

We welcome visits from prospective parents. Please feel free to make an appointment by contacting our primary office on +62 21 718 3222 or emailing us at  You can also view our website at


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