Workshop Koleksi Museum 5a

Pengelolaan Koleksi Museum

HIGHLIGHT on Art & Education: Galeri Nasional Indonesia & National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia telah menggelar Workshop Pengelolaan Koleksi Museum, hasil kerjasama , 6–7 April 2016, di Ruang Seminar Galeri Nasional Indonesia.

Menghadirkan para narasumber yang komepeten di bidangnya, yaitu A. Rikrik Kusmara (Kurator), A. Sudjud Dartanto (Kurator Galeri Nasional Indonesia), Angus Trumble (Director National Portrait Gallery), Bruce Howlett (Registrar National Portrait Gallery), dan Christine Clark (Exhibitions Manager National Portrait Gallery).


USA AMbassador 5a

41st Graduation at IPMI International Business School

Highlight on Education: Mr. Robert O. Blake, HE Ambassador United State of Amerika shares his speech on 41st Graduation at IPMI International Business School on 16 December 2015.

In his inspiring and enlightening speech, Mr. Robert O. Blake believes education is critical to Indonesia’s future competitiveness! It is the foundation that can allow Indonesia to compete in a globalized market.  The future Indonesian workforce must be ready and able to think innovatively and creatively and critically. Not everyone is as fortunate to go to a school like IPMI International Business School.


LeapSchool 1

Career Opportunity in Education

HIGHLIGHT on Career: LEAP SchoolHouse is an established learning facility keen to build an environment where children (8 months to 6 years olds) will grow up with a love for reading and learning. Our premise is located at Jl. Blora no. 8 – 10, Jakarta 10310.

We are expanding and now seeking out for applicants to take on the following positions on a Full-time basis.


IHS Made W 1

Majapahit: The Empire Lives On!

HIGHLIGHT on Education: The Indonesian Heritage Society presents The Empire Lives On!  Majapahit, the Empire of the “Bitter Fruit” by Made Wijaya.

The great maritime empire of Majapahit ruled the Indonesian archipelago and much of South East Asia from the late 13th century until the early 16th century and continues to exert influence on the architecture, rituals and arts of contemporary Bali and Central Java.


IHS jane kent 1

Homo Floresiensis by Jane Kent

HIGHLIGHT on Education: The Indonesian Heritage Society presents Homo Floresiensis ~ A New Species of Hominin. Sometimes discoveries in the field of human evolutions are so extraordinary that they force scientists to reexamine theories years in the making and long held to be correct.

Two such remarkable discoveries occurred in Indonesia. The first was the fossil of Java Man, found in 1891.



What Made Emirsyah Satar an Influential Leader

Highlight on Education & Business: When appointed as the President and CEO of Garuda Indonesia in March 2005, Emirsyah Satar become one of the youngest Chief Executive Officers of an airline in the Asia Pacific region.

He brought into the company a wealth of knowledge in banking and financing. Mr. Satar began his career in the financial industry as an auditor at Price Waterhouse Cooper. He quickly assumed key positions in several multinational companies in Citibank N.A., Jan Darmadi Group, Niaga Finance, Hong Kong and Bank Danamon Tbk.