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HIGHLIGHT ON Education:  At the New Zealand Independent School we are very proud of the programmes on offer to our Early Years students who come to us from 2 years of age.

At NZIS, we implement theTeWhaarikiEarly Years curriculum. The benefits of the TeWhaariki curriculum are that they encourage children to become responsible and enthusiastic learners, with positive self-esteem and confidence.

The goal is to enable our NZIS students to be self-assured decision makers who demonstrate greater resilience when confronted with challenges; hence, preparing them for life-long learning.  In our Early Years precinct there is a lot of busy activity from all our 2, 3 and 4 year olds, who engage with one another regularly throughout the day.

Most activities are child-initiated and requirethe staff to be constantly observing and communicating with each child to extend their thinking and learning.  This may happen on a one-to-one or small group basis. The environment is crucial to the children’s learning as we understand that young children must develop their fine and gross motor-skills, which are essential for formal learning in the Primary School years.  If these skills are developed in the Early Years this allows the children to be able to focus, concentrate and eye track when they begin to read and write.


There are four broad principles at the centre of the TeWhaariki Early Childhood curriculum.
These are:
•    Empowerment – empowers the child to learn and grow
•    Holistic Development – reflects the holistic way children learn and grow
•    Family and Community– the wider world is an integral part of their learning
•    Relationships – Children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places, and things.


From these four principles come the following five strands that are essential areas of learning and development.  These are:
•    Well-being
•    Belonging
•    Contribution
•    Communication
•    Exploration

We seek to provide an environment where our young students find joyin singing and stories, inquiry and experiments.  They investigate the world through water, sand and other tactile materials.  Climbing frames and play centres are constantly manipulated to provide the children with varying opportunities to explore their outside and inside environments creatively.  The use of oral language is fostered through these engaging activities as the children endeavour to collaborate with their peers and share their Logo4enthusiasm with the many adults at NZIS.  Our Early Years students also get to explore the world through their specialist lessons which include music, ICT and library.

We welcome any interested prospective parents to come and visit our Early Years precinct at our Primary campus in Kemang (p2/Aug15).

Linda Mason
Early Years Lead Teacher


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