The New Zealand Independent School

HIGHLIGHT on Education: Welcome to The New Zealand Independent School. Our school is small and this allows us to personalize our teaching. Our student to teacher ratio is low, especially in senior secondary classes, and we include through our TAP program, Indonesian trainees in the majority of our Primary classes who compliment our native English speakers.

We are the biggest employers of New Zealanders in Indonesia and many of our Primary staff hail from New Zealand. However, we are not an exclusively, New Zealand school, with our staff coming from all corners of the world and bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge.


Through our students, we endorse key concepts and values of respect, tolerance, perseverance and humility. They are a family of friends and we strive to ensure, we get the very best out of them.

Our Early Years Program, TeWhaariki, is a child initiated learning style. This curriculum is not built on timetables but rather is a fluid approach to being adaptable to how our young children act and learn.


We carry this through into our NZ Primary Curriculum where our focus is big ideas and interdisciplinary work. Finally, our Secondary campus follows the Cambridge International Examinations Curriculum, which includes Cambridge Secondary 1, IGCSE and AS / A Level examinations.

Our House system is based on Maori themes and we acknowledge our role in exposing Maori and New Zealand culture to our students. However we are advocates of all cultures, especially our hosts, Indonesia. Our two cultures have many similar attributes and we are in the process of developing stronger multicultural links throughout the entire school.

All students have different learning phases and at The New Zealand Independent School, we look to provide an environment that encourages this sense of difference. It is a challenge but our school looks to bridge these gaps with honesty and enthusiasm and to be a leader for learning power (jul15/p2).


Logo4We would welcome a visit to our school and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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