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Leadership Development Programme

Highlight on Leading People: Leading People and Creating Business Impact. This proposes a Leadership Development program plan for the Talent pool members that intentionally build leadership capabilities, behaviors and skills, from the mid-level to the top level of leaders in the organization.

Identifying a pool of talent was considered as an appropriate alternative to considering matching talent to specific existing positions. Therefore the end goal of the talent pool process is the creation of a list of high performing leaders to have the capacity to move into one or more senior roles in the organization.

Framework and activities;
– Learn what leadership capabilities & behaviors that we need to develop in the Leaders.
– What opportunities/resources are available to support the development of leaders?
– Learn How to build and push the capability of Leaders trough challenges.

Resources need to be reviewed for consideration;
-Core capability Frame work of leadership
-Development Activities Guide
-Leadership Development and Leadership Pipeline

Proposed Leadership Development Framework;
Along different stages of development journey of a leader, they would need to build skills, knowledge and behaviors and at the same time identify potential development options and experiences that could be used for this development.

The development process could be in three different levels. While planning organizational level development activities to all, this could be separately taken in to account as per the development need of the individual Leadership member when preparing the IDP.

Day 1: Managing People, starting to lead
The know-how about basic skills that every leader needs to have for effective leadership. The FOCUS and related development options/activates here would be to learn;

Focus- The know how
Move from key individual contributor to manager of people;
– How to organize and plan work/manage projects
– How to manage different types of work situations
– Effective and open communication
– Facilitation and coaching
– Growing and developing staff
– Building perspective on leadership styles

Development options
-On line learning
-Company internal programs and external programs on the foundations of Leadership and management
-Leadership skills assessment
-Increasing span of management (e.g. Moving from managing small teams to larger teams)
-Management certifications(e.g. Project management)
-Career and development conversation

Day 2: Being a Leader
The focus here is to understand what it take being a leader: what behaviors create a high performance culture. For this develop the leadership talent. Therefore the focus must be on understanding;

Focus – The who
– Who you are and your leadership style
– Understanding others
– Emotional Quotient of leadership
– How to lead through values /styles
– Building resilience, adaptive leadership – Knowing how and what to develop in others and the member as well.

Development options
– Projects and task forces targeted on developing leadership skills and behaviors
– Functional rotations and assignments to give Situational leadership experience and functional breadth.
– Self-directed reading and learning
– Personal coaching/mentoring support
– Career and development as leader.

Day 3: Leading the whole
Understand about what does the organization expect of its leaders to meet the challenges we face? Who do I represent as a leader?

Focus – Leading the whole
– Understanding the whole big picture of ORGANIZATION
– Building high performance culture
– Leading change and organizational agility
– Leading and managing innovation
– Leading diversity
– Building organizational sustainability

Development options
Executive coaching and mentoring support
Self-directed learning and individual development planning.

Learn from the best Leaders practices.

One or many methods could be used in a single year. We intentionally develop the right leadership capabilities and behaviors and creating the right experiences to prepare these individuals for more senior roles. In planning the development activities the 70:20:10 approach is highly considered.

According to Senior leader readiness survey done by the CEB L&Ds;
– Coaching provided by the leader’s direct manager rates highest in developing leaders (93%).
– Job Rotations and Assignments rate second highest (86%).
– On the job training, the third highest (77%).
– Horizontal and vertical feedback received the fourth highest (71%).

Therefore, when preparing the development activities organizational wise and as well when preparing the IDP by each member for the year, this fact will need to be taken in to account about the type of activity/s to choose.


Yogyakarta – Lynn Horison Hotel Yogyakarta.

The programme will be done on : 29 June, 30 June and 1 July 2016

Investment & Registration
E: &
M: 0813-1826 6133

Alternatives of Price and Packages
Alt. 1. Join the 3 days Leadership Programme at Rp. 4,000,000,- per person (inclusive of Materials, breakfast, lunch, and coffee break – without Hotel accommodation)

Alt. 2. Join the 3 days Leadership Programme at Rp. 5,000,000,- per person (inclusive of Materials, breakfast, lunch, and coffee break, 2 nights stay at Lynn Radisson Hotel in Yogyakarta, airport pick up and city tour Yogyakarta)

Alt. 3. Choose and Join only one day or two day of the sessions according to your need with price @ Rp. 1,500,000,- per day course without Hotel Accommodation.

Note for all those alternatives:
Enjoy takjil for Fasting Break everyday during Ramadhan season..!

The facilitators are Certified International MBTI Profilers, Emotional Quotient accredited facilitator, with an International Experience in Leading Leadership Programmes and many Human Capital Development Programmes.

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