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41st Graduation at IPMI International Business School

Highlight on Education: Mr. Robert O. Blake, HE Ambassador United State of Amerika shares his speech on 41st Graduation at IPMI International Business School on 16 December 2015.

In his inspiring and enlightening speech, Mr. Robert O. Blake believes education is critical to Indonesia’s future competitiveness! It is the foundation that can allow Indonesia to compete in a globalized market.  The future Indonesian workforce must be ready and able to think innovatively and creatively and critically. Not everyone is as fortunate to go to a school like IPMI International Business School.

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During his presence on the graduation ceremony, Mr. Robert O. Blake congrats the parents who sacrifices on their educational journey.

IPMI International Business SchoolJimmy M Gani 2
Established in 1984, has been known as a leading business school in Asia – preparing senior executives for global readiness. IPMI Is a pioneer in executive and MBA education in South-East Asia: the first to deliver education fully in English, the first to deliver international MBA programs in Indonesia, and the first to utilize Harvard case-based pedagogic approach in the region.

IPMI has been privileged in having strong commitment and support from Harvard Business School and INSEAD faculty in its foundation and in shaping the early development. IPMI prides in having a successful alumni base of more than 5,000 business leaders in Indonesia and worldwide.

Currently, IPMI keep enhancing the relations with International institutions with Melbourne Business School (Australia), University of Dijon (France), Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (Portugal), Central European University (Hungaria), and Kellog School of Management (USA), as Mr. Jimmy M. Gani, Executive Director of IPMI International Business School stated during his speech (picture above).

It seems to be set that way to un-predicted years in the future on how the changes will reshape the way company works too. The rapid technological changes that came in response to these challenges, that dramatically increased the spread of the internet and a range of devices such as smart phones that have generated massive new industries and wealth, as Mr. Jimmy M. Gani, Executive Director of IPMI International Business School emphasized previously (

Some of the best graduate students are sharing their exciting momments during their studying at IPMI International Business School below:

Mr. Tjatur WidyantoroTjatur Widyantoro 3a
As one of IPMI best graduates. Mr. Tjatur Widyantoro, an Executive Class Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate shares his opinions on the advantages by studying at IPMI is Having ‘Harvard Business Cases’ enable the students to benchmark and level up his knowledge at pair with any reputable international business schools. Tjatur Widyantoro 4aWith English delivery enable us to sharpen our skills to address our view using international business language. It broaden his access to impact larger business community.

Tjatur Widyantoro Paris2In addition to this, Tjatur says that he has a great network that enable him to learn and create better collaboration with other propective business colleagues.

Other advantage is their great lecturers withe their great experiences of professional and excellent in facilitating in an interactive classes. Studying at IPMI, Tjatur enjoys the complete facility to support  infrastructure for learning, either from its library, group study or series of seminars or “business talks” at IPMI.

Also, there is a harmonious relationship with IPMI staff and lectures enable him to make IPMI his second home or second family! Picture below while travelling to China.

Tjatur Widyantoro China 1

Is Master Degree an absolute step to enhance career?
Oh yes, the learning process enable him to address his opinions or views in a professional and structured manner. By having great classmates enable him to learn more the best practices which can accelerate in finding solutions. Having a Master Degree in hand will be culturally and intellectually stimulating experience, with our diverse background, countries, cultures, and thoughts enrich our knowledge through the ‘Harvard Business Cases’.

Tjatur Widyantoro Sweden 1With his huge achievements during his employment at Atlas Copco, a world-class Multi National Company and in addition to studying at world-class IPMI International Business School, Tjatur sees himself ready at any time to take a bigger role and responsibility. Such as an International assignment and regional function.

Tjatur loves photography and traveling as part of hobbies in his spare times. Travelling is so exciting to find new landscape and cultures, especially where our company have business exposure with the countries we visited. To find out about a country is much easier by interact with the local people he meet during the business trip.

Photography and traveling expose him to encounter new borders, cultures, and experiences, as Tjatur said with smiles. Visit my photography web:<>

Ms. Greta Gracia BunawanGreta Gracia Bunawan 3a
As an MBA graduate, has always wanted to take an MBA degree to expand not just her knowledge but also network. She has been searching many post graduate schools, and she was refferenced IPMI by few people that she considered great mentors (who Greta Gracia Bunawan 4bhappens to be IPMI alumni of course).

IPMI has different from other post graduate school. IPMI offers a different and very practical approach to handle management issues backed by theory & professional experiences. She really hopes she could excell her future career with everything that she has learned during her studying at IPMI International Business School.

IPMI International Business School channel its graduates into a great alumni networking for expanding business opportunities by conducting seminar with great guest speaker/practitioners and alumni gathering to create more opportunities to network and share knowledge, as Greta look forward to participate on these agenda in the near future.

Greta Gracia Bunawan Grad1

Greta currently is co-founded a start up company (Popbox Asia) as one of the pioneer of electronic locker solution in Indonesia. Popbox Asia aim to create convenient, efficiency and cost saving in the last mile logistic players as the e-commerce market Greta Gracia Bunawan Tumblr-inline 2grow. Our society is changing and more open to utilize on technologies that can bring added value to their lives. We as young entrepreneurs at Greta Gracia Bunawan Turkey 1Popbox Asia workforce must be ready and able to think innovatively and creatively and critically of what solutions does our society needs and build upon it (picture left while travelling to Turkey).

Government need to create vessel for young entrepreneurs to explore, allowing for room to grow and also build better infrastructure for faster growth. “I strongly believe that Indonesia tech/commerce will be one of the hottest sector and will be growing significantly for the next few years as addressed by the US Ambassador during our graduation speech”, as Greta said confidently (picutre below with Popbox Asia founder).

Greta Gracia Bunawan PobBox 1

Greta enjoys traveling and sports as well as reading book and listening to music during her free time. There was the time in her life when the choice arose, traveling became an immersion into her inner experiences. Travelling is also wonderful as it comebines fun and adventure together with her personal growth (picutre below during Greta’s travelling time).

Greta Gracia Bunawan Travel 1

Ms. Adlina NadhilaAdlina Nadhila 1a
A graduate of Program Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), joined IPMI International Business School by her father’s recommendation. He knows IPMI is a business school for the top executives, a lot of my father’s friends went to IPMI to take Adlina Nadhila Grad2the MBA and training program, so she decided to join IPMI.

After graduation, Adlina expect to work in a well known corporation where she thinks she can learn and gain more and more new challanges and experiences.

Why IPMI International Business School?
It’s the right place for networking, she replied. To her knowledge that IPMI is well known for its great alumni networking since a long time ago. The advantage of studying in a boutique business school is getting to know each other closer, and grab an opportunity to bring benefits for networking in the future. Adlina loves the professional ambience here at IPMI International Business School, Adlina Adlina Nadhila Grad 2asaid followed by with her sweet smile (picutre above with parents).

Journey of achievement
At the age of 10 years old, Adlina won Sempoa and Mental Arithmetic competitions. Many times, she cried and ask herself on why does she have such a hard time with math exercises and all the preparations for the competition! Adlina never gave up and at the end reached her goal.

when I was doing the math exercises and all the preparations for the competition because it became more and more difficult, but I kept doing it until I reached my goal. Her other prestigious journey is as the best BBA IPMI graduate. Adlina is so proud of herself as well as her parent (picutre below during graduation speech as the best BBA IPMI graduate).

Adlina Nadhila 3a

How do you find new and innovative ways to tackle the challenges?
Adlina said, just be brave and optimist! Be an open minded person into new things. Especially, globalization is a common thing these days, and also it’s really important to update the news regularly, don’t be afraid of change, but follow the good change and adapt to it! See the opportunity, understand what market really needs (picture below with her German language classmates).

Adlina Nadhila German Class 2

As a fresh graduate, her next 5 years from now is a process of learning about the real world of business, gaining experiences, and training to enhance her expertise. Adlina added: “I hope I will be one of the next generation of business leader in this country, a leader with various ideas and opinions, share my expertise to my subordinates, and always motivate my team to do our best for the growth of the company”.

Adlina loves music, singing, reading, writing, and meeting new people to expand her professional network while making new friends!

Mr. Roland Matahari
A Regular Class Master of Business Administration (MBA), was born April 23, 1970 in Bandung. His objective of taking an MBA Program is to upgrade qualification and to enhance capability in an integrated knowledge of and demonstrate ability to perform as management professionals at PT Pacific Place Jakarta where he work currently.

Roland Matahari 1

What brings him to join IPMI International Business School?
With recommendations from friends and colleagues who graduated from IPMI, he is so confident about IPMI. These alumni are so satisfied with the learning systems and knowledge received while studying there. Roland believes that IPMI would equip him Roland Matahari 3awith positive perspectives and skills that create productive managerial leaders, and for his better future career.

Proud to be part of IPMI alumni association
IPMI has a very broad networking with reputable qualifications and so proud to be part of them. Roland could learn and set his goal from the successes of IPMI alumni. Roland strongly believes that success in life depends not only on what you accomplish, but also how you overcome everyday challenges. IPMI provides the balance of theory, practice integration and selected relevant case discussions that strengthened self-confidence (picture right with his family during graduation day).

By having an MBA program in hand, Roland see himself to bring changes to his surrounding and the next 5 years from now become a strategic managerial leaders within the organizations.

Music and sport
Music has always been a big part of his life.  Music makes him feel so alive, that takes him away and helps him to find identity as a person.  Talking about music is something very special, that Roland dreamed of having a business in music one day in the near future.