Wayang goes to campus

“Wayang Goes to Campus” this week as Wayang Educational Package to stick to Indonesian roots amid globalization at Balairung University of Indonesia – Depok, West Java.

This is the 13th iteration annual event to be held on Friday and Saturday on University of Indonesia main campus.

In collaboration with the Indonesian Arts Institute’s (ISI) campus in Surakarta, Central Java — the center of original wayang of Indonesia and the Education and Culture Ministry to present the annual event.

When: 5 April 2013 jam 15.30-16.30
Venue: Balairung Universitas Indonesia

This event aimed to create a balancing factor for younger generation and society in general — amid the homogenizing effect of economic globalization, which could exacerbate so-called clashes of civilizations.

There will be a performing Teater wayang Sesaji Raja Suya as the festival’s main events as part of this big annual event. Also, another performance of Gatot Kaca, a character in the Mahabharata epic of India, who was given magical powers from his mother.

The schedule are flash mob assemblies, traditional dance performances, bazaars and art exhibitions. There will be 2,000 people expected would attend this year’s event (p/5).

1. 27 January 2012 8am – 4.30pm