Ubud Writers Festival 2017

HIGHLIGHT on Art and Culture: A Colombian writer Héctor Abad Faciolince participated in the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. He shared a gastronomic talk about Latin American literature and their most recognized works, with other Latin American writers.

The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2017 returns on Oct. 25-29 managed to attract thousands of people to come to Ubud, bringing together some of the world’s most powerful voices in a melting pot of artists, authors, thinkers and performers. The Festival is a platform for meaningful exchange and cross-cultural dialogue.

On Friday 27, the writer and journalist has an interview session to the public with the journalist Sarah Kanowski of the Books and Arts program of the National Radio ABC, with whom, among other works, he speaks about his book “El olvido que seremos” or “The Oblivion We Shall Be”, in which he narrates the life and death of his father, assassinated by the violence and the deep love between father and son.

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
A place where artists and audiences alike can discuss shared inspirations, ideas and concerns, the Festival transcends cultural and geographical borders to create a truly global community. There were 15 representatives from Indonesia who previously been selected from a total of 915 literature works, joined the event.
The festival also presents children’s workshops, film screenings, poetry readings, musical performances and many other activities.