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SOTS ART by Deborah Iskandar

Deborah Iskandar private collections of Russian Art – SOTS ART in Jakarta. The art that made revolution in minds and hearts and changed the country! Mrs. Deborah Iskandar and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Jakarta present a painting exhibition of the Russian Art of the 1970-s.

Mrs. Deborah Iskandar, former managing director of Sothebys and Christies, through her experience as a collector, gallery owner and auction house professional in her 20 years plus in the art world. Her journey has been remarkable which she is happy to share  from the private collection of Iskandar family.

When: 17 – 29 April, 2013 | 9.00wib – 18.00wib
Venue: Russian cultural center Jl. Diponegoro 12, Jakarta 10310 Indonesia

Picture above: Mrs. Deborah Iskandar, Ms. Betty Siahaan the Executive Director of Indonesia-Now and Mr. Vyacheslav Tuchnin the Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture – with background of Balinese Princess, a famous painting by Yuri Gorbachev. It is one of the most well known styles of “Soviet Pop Art”, SOTS ART (short for Socialist Art) originated in the Soviet Union in the early 1970s as a reaction against the official aesthetic and as a symbol of the “wind of change”.

SOTS ART is a term, meant socialism art and was invented by Moscow artists Vitaly Komar and Aleksandr Melamid as an analogous movement to western pop-art and combined the names of two movements in 20th century art: Soviet “Socialist Realism” and American “pop-art”.

As Pioneers, Komar and Melamid entertained themselves by using the Socialist Realism tropes they were employing but filling in the content with people they knew, such as their wives and even themselves. Komar and Melamid the well-known Soviet symbols and icons, often replacing Vladimir Lenin and Stalin’s portraits with their own.

Picture above: Ms. Betty Siahaan the Executive Director of Indonesia-Now, Mr. Vyacheslav Tuchnin the Director of the Russian Center for Science & Culture and Mrs. Ekaterina Tuchnina. SOTS ART was born of the overproduction of ideology and its propaganda. SOTS ART became a part of, so called, alternative culture, opposite to the donimating ideology of that time. Well known symbols, mottoes and signs of the socialism propaganda (hammer and sickle, star, ranger salute, banner bearers, portrait of the Leader and etc) were used in joke provocative way.

Their real meaning came clear to the people who slowly but steadily became free from ideological standards. This art showed the absurdity of the communist ideology in grotesque form.

Representatives of SOTS ART paintings of such prominent painters as Ernst Neizvestny, Leonid Sokov, Vitaly Komar, Oleg Tselkov, Aleksandr Melamid, Aleksandr Kosolapov, Yuri Gorbachev, Boris Orlov, Leonid Sokov, Dmitry Prigov etc. Picture far below: Mrs. Deborah Iskandar and Mr. Vyacheslav Tuchnin the Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Jakarta.