SEA Eugene Soh (Singapore) 2

Encounter: SEA+ Triennale

HIGHLIGHT on Art & Exhibition: The Art from Different Lands. The National Gallery of Indonesia–Ministry of Education and Culture holds a triennale exhibition entitled Southeast Asia Plus Triennale of Art (SEA+).

This exhibition connects the growth of Indonesian art with the development of art in Southeast Asia in line with the changes of international art map which constantly grows. Picture above art pieces by Eugene Soh (Singapore).


Ciputra Artpreneur 2a

I Bislacchi. A Tribute To Fellini

HIGHLIGHT on Contemporary Art: The Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta in collaboration with Ciputra Artpreneur proudly presented I Bislacchi. A Tribute to Fellini by Artemis Danza at Theatre of Ciputra Artpreneur on Friday, 21 October 2016 ~ Jl. Prof DR. Satrio Kav. 3-5, Jakarta 12940.

As Ms. Michela Linda Magri ~ the Director of Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta mentioned after the show that this contemporary dance performance to strenghten the bilateral relation between Indonesia and Italy through art and culture.


Ubud Writer 5

The Music of Cervantes

HIGHLIGHT on Culture: Celebrating the 400-year legacy of Spanish master author Miguel Cervantes, the pianist and composer Ananda Sukarlan will present his new works at the end of October 2016 at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF).

The Embassy of Spain in Jakarta and The Institute Cervantes participate in the Ubud Writers & Readers 2016 sponsoring a musical performance titled  “The Music of Cervantes” with the Indonesian artists Ananda Sukarlan and soprano Mariska Setiawan.


IHS Batavia Tamalia 2

Batavia The Melting Pot

HIGHLIGHT on Culture & History: The Melting Pot That Helped Lead to The Creation of Indonesia. When the VOC established Batavia it began from ground zero; the original wooden buildings were either burnt during fighting or razed after the battle to take over the city.

The VOC then tried to create a city inspired by the “plan for an ideal city” of renowned 17th century mathematician and military engineer Simon Stevin, a plan combining Renaissance ideals and Dutch fortification systems.


Jakarta Heritage Tour-Judul

Astonishing Indonesian Culture and Heritage

HIGHLIGHT on Culture and Art: One Day Tour ~ Be mesmerized with beautiful Indonesian Culture and Heritage atmosphere this December 2016 to January 2017 in Jakarta. Discover more the Museums of historical, knowlegdeable, and Cultural values.


IHS 2016-tjutnyak 2

Tales of Indonesia

HIGHLIGHT on Culture Diversity: Revitalizing Forgotten Songs of the Archipelago. From the 1950s till the 1990s, young Indonesian students learned beloved children’s songs from across the archipelago. The melodies, rhythm and lyrics of these songs represent the vast cultural diversity of Indonesia and describe life in a developing new nation.

These songs, once so popular, now seem to be forgotten in favor of more contemporary music. Discover them anew with this musical lecture and performance: Professor Daudsjah and her trio present cherished childhood songs with updated rhythms.


GNas 2

100 Tahun Otto Djaya

HIGHLIGHT on Art & Exhibition: Otto Djaya (1916 – 2002) adalah salah satu master dalam sejarah senirupa Indonesia. Ia pernah menjadi pejuang kemerdekaan di masa kolonial. Bersama saudaranya Agus Djaya, mereka pernah pergi untuk belajar dan bekerja sebagai seniman di negeri Belanda pada tahun 1947-1950 dan beberapa kali berpameran di Eropa.

Otto Djaya hidup dan melukis selama enam dekade sejarah dan periode politik di Indonesia, semenjak masa kolonial Belanda, masa Perang Dunia ke-2, masa revolusi, masa pemerintahan Soekarno dan Soeharto, hingga masa demokrasi.