Merdi Sihombing | Pre-launch of Kampoeng Ulos

A famous fashion designer who always proud to declare himself as a nationalist streak, has found his calling in Reviving Ulos – the tradition of Batak Woven Arts! The Ulos Batak Textile is not only a few techniques and colours and unique patterns – it is a thought system, cultural history and a way of life!

Pre-launch of Kampoeng Ulos BNI Samosir on 5 – 9 October 2011 by Merdi Sihombing at Grand Aston Hotel, Medan of North Sumatera.

A hidden treasure of Ulos Batak Textiles by Merdi Sihombing, gives immense pleasure not only to people in Indonesia but also to textile lovers all over the world! Merdi Sihombing keen on uses natural plant-based dyeing, beautiful with high quality Ulos and pass his skills on to as many of the younger generations.



Part of his willingness to follow the changing times and this is not new in the Batak traditions, Merdi Sihombing let his creative rein free in the stunningly gorgeous songket, the rainbow of azure blues, teal and puce and many other vibrant colours.