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Indonesian Heritage Society Discovering Indonesian’s culture

Korinnick Lemarie is the Chairman of Indonesian Heritage Society. Visiting unexplorered corners of Jakarta, lectures on history, culture and politics, art and photographic exhibitions and film screenings are amongst the many activities planned by the Indonesian Heritage Society in 2013.

The Society is a non-profit organization offering participants the opportunity to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia and dedicated to supporting Indonesia’s cultural institutions.

For over 40 years, our varied activities have provided a stepping-stone to discovering the culture, life, history and art of this vast archipelago for those new to Indonesia as well as those who have lived in Jakarta all their lives.

Twice a year we run a series of evening lectures, which are open to the public. The next program kicks off on January 29 with a discussion on Balancing Biodiversity, Natural Heritage and Economic Development with Dr Lida Pet-Soede. The following weeks will include lectures on hydroelectricity and renewable power, the “construction of history” under Indonesia’s new order, collecting South East Asian art, and the delights of trekking in Indonesia.

The Heritage Society has a large multinational base with close to 500 participants from more than 40 countries, including many Indonesians. While most activities are conducted in English, our French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish sections also provide activities in these languages.

The 2013 program will include a range of exciting events, as explained by Mrs. Korinnick Lemarie – the Chairman of Indonesian Heritage Society. All lectures are held at Erasmus House, next to the Dutch Embassy. More details can be found on our website.

The Society is also in the midst of planning two competitions and exhibitions for the new year. Our annual Heritage Calendar photo contest is open to all paid and registered “Friends”and will this year have the theme “Indonesia Celebrates.” The art competition is open to young Indonesian artists aged between 20 and 30 years of age.  The work of the Society photographers and selected young artists will be on public display later in 2013.

We are also planning our next fundraising film event after a very successful screening of Sang Penari (The Dancer) in November. Attendees were able to meet the director and one of the stars of this beautiful movie.

Funds raised go towards the Lontar Foundation, an organization devoted to bringing Indonesian literature to the world. The next film screening event is scheduled for late April.

The Indonesian Heritage Society is perhaps best known for its “Explorers” program, which sees groups of Friends visiting the less well-known parts of Jakarta and the city’s surrounds. Classic tours include destinations such as Sunda Kelapa, the private museum of Harry Darsono and specialized tours at the Museum Nasional. However we are constantly adding new tours.

Three new destinations include Sekolah Kami, a yayasan working with the children of trashpicking communities, the Polri Museum in Block M, and a fossilized wood sculpture workshop on Jakarta’s outskirts.

We’re also launching two new books in the new year, a tome on the culture and textiles of the fascinating Baduy people, and a comprehensive guide to the Jakarta Textile Museum. Alongside our regular activities—guided tours of the Museum Nasional, talks to international school children about Indonesian culture, history and heritage, adult study groups and explorers, there is quite literally- something for everyone (p/19).

To learn more about the Indonesian Heritage Society or become a registered “Friend” kindly visit www.heritagejkt.org.