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A.D. Pirous: Spiritual Calligraphy

HIGHLIGHT on Art & Culture: PT Jakarta Land, a leading property company in Jakarta Presents A.D. Pirous ~ Spiritual Calligraphy. Recognising the importance of art in modern Indonesian society.

The exhibition was opened by Triawan Munaf, Chairman of the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy and highlights the painter’s signature style that melds Western abstraction with calligraphy. Abdul Djalil Pirous is one of the most important figures in the Indonesian art movement.

Date: Open for public viewing from 1st March to 1st April 2016.
Venue: Lobby Area World Trade Centre 2 Building, WTC Complex, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 29 ~ 31, Jakarta 12920.

Picture below left to right of Will Bright  ~ General Manager of PT Jakarta Land, Deborah Iskandar ~ Principal of ISA Art Advisory, Abdul Djalil Pirous, Triawan Munaf ~ Chairman of the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, and Robert O. Blake ~ HE Ambassador United State of America.

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Among them is the sculpture garden of WTC 2 and the art gallery at WTC 2 retail area. A key event as part of this Programme, which brings Indonesian and international art to public spaces, is the lobby exhibition held twice a year at the WTC 2 Building. A.D. Pirous: Spiritual Calligraphy is the first lobby exhibition to be held in 2016.

ISAArt 4aThe thirteen works spanning four decades from the 1970s to the 2000s show the development of Pirous’ vast exploration on calligraphy. Tulisan Biru / The Blue Writing (1974) shows Pirous’ early stages of experimentation with more atmospheric abstractions. On the left is painting Nama Tuhan / God’s Name ~ marble paste, gold leaf, acrylic on canvas 118 x 148 cm 1980.

During the press conference Pirous emphasized: “I increasingly feel a certain satisfaction when people can understand the message that I’m trying to convey through my works. I would very much prefer if people can appreciate my work not only from its aesthetic side, but also the moral and ethical messages contained in it”.

In his later works the communicative element in art becomes more and more important to Pirous with paintings such as Tuntutlah Ilmu Walau ke Negeri Cina! IIA / Seek Knowledge Eventhough to China! IIA (2007) as below.

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Below is painting Senjakala Demokrasi Indonesia / Twilight of Indonesian Democrasy ~ marble paste, acrylic on canvas 108 x 100,0 cm 2010.

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Below is painting Apa namamu? / What is your name ~ marble paste, gold leaf, acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm 2005.

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ISAArt 2A.D. Pirous: Spiritual Calligraphy delivers to the public a deeper observation on the tremendous influence of Islam on the social and cultural fabric of the archipelago. Through this exhibition, we can see how Pirous’ calligraphy paintings respond to the world around him, becoming a personal spiritual note that he would like to share with others ~ as A.D. Pirous, in conversation with ISA Art Advisory, February 2016. On the right is painting Allah dan Cahaya / Allah and Light ~ acrylic on canvas 140 x 80 cm 2008.

About AD Pirous
ISAArt 126aBorn on 11 March 1932 in Meulaboh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Abdul Djalil Pirous is one of the most important figures in the Indonesian art movement, known as the pioneer of Indonesian abstract and modern Islamic art.

In 1964, Pirous graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at The Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), majoring in Art Education. Following graduation, he was appointed as a Lecturer in Painting, Typography, and ISAArt 5bCalligraphy there, and since 1972 as a Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication Design and Fine Arts. In 1969, Pirous left Indonesia for the USA to study printmaking and Graphic Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. On the right is painting “He who touches the sky and He who touches the earth” ~ marble paste, acrylic on canvas 150 x 145 cm 2007.

One day, during his stay in New York, Pirous visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York, which was showing an exhibition of traditional and modern Islamic art from the Middle East and North Africa. The exhibition showcased fragments of ceramics, ancient Islamic manuscripts, and Qur’an calligraphy that resonated deeply with Pirous, reminding him of his hometown in Aceh. That moment marked a turning point in Pirous’ artistic career when he decided to pursue calligraphy as a modern art form.

More than four decades have already past since that day, and yet Pirous is still broadening his exploration of calligraphy even today. “It is very natural that an artist has to be sensitive to the culture and traditions of his past, and wisely addressing contemporary culture.” Source: Kaligrafi Epik A.D Pirous,

About PT Jakarta Land
ISAArt 829cFounded in 1973, Jakarta Land unites the global experience and capability of Hongkong Land, with the local knowledge and insights of CCM. World Trade Centre (WTC), comprises 140,000 square metres of Grade A commercial office space across four buildings in the heart of Jakarta’s CBD, with a further 80,000 square metres under development.

Will Bright ~ General Manager of PT Jakarta Land (Picture left) during the opening words added that entering its third year, Art at WTC Programme is honoured to collaborate with Abdul Djalil Pirous ~ Spiritual Calligraphy, a journey of self discovery and expression through modern Islamic calligraphy. PT Jakarta Land  extends its gratitude to the kind assistance of Pirous and his famlity in bringing the exhibition to the World Trade Centre.

Home to some of the world’s leading multinational corporations and managed by a highly-trained team of professionals, WTC has long been seen as Jakarta’s benchmark for quality property management, attention to detail and long-term partnerships.

Two years ago PT Jakarta Land launched the Art at WTC Program to increase creativity and productivity of its surrounding environment. This awareness of the importance of art for society prompted PT Jakarta Land to work together with ISA Art Advisory to build a range of public art programs in their complex.

About ISA Art Advisory
ISAArt 829aA Jakarta-based art consultancy that was established to promote Indonesian art for the corporate and individual lifestyles. Our corporate art program prioritizes the collaboration between the company’s vision and the artist’s profile while also embracing the local and community environment.

Deborah Iskandar ~ Principal from ISA Art Advisory (Picture left) during the opening words added that PT Jakarta Land’s visionary Art at WTC Programme brings art of international standing beyond the wall of galleries and museums to the realm of public art. She also said that ISA Art Advisory has been working with PT Jakarta Land to bring art to public spaces and is honoured to present the Spiritual Calligraphy, works by Abdul Djalil Pirous ~ the pioneer of Indonesian abstract and modern Islamic art in Indonesia.

ISA Art Advisory’s vision is to increase the awareness and benefits of bringing art out of museums and galleries and into in public spaces, to celebrate the important contribution to the arts in Indonesia by local and international artists.


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