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Yunita Harun – It’s been always about Fashion!

Never stop. And never give up! Yunita Harun has a great passion of fashion. Her name may not be heard so much in public as she entered the industry on-and-off as Fashion Designers. But her achievements has already established in the fashion industry since long a go! She contributed regularly in Fashion industry, even before she finished her formal fashion education.

For Yunita Harun, being Chic and Elegant in fashion is not an option but it’s a must! As an Indonesian Modern Fashion designer who specializes in Blending Cuttings or patterns. She has several ways to search her design identity through fashion industry. With her strong past experiences in fashion as an assistant design production room, fashion stylist, sales merchandising, and assistant fashion photographer, Yunita Harun declared her own feet as a Fashion Designer with her name as her label – Yunita Harun to started to shape up her label name and image in the fashion industry.

Profile 3aYunita Harun Label consists of ready to wear and evening wear that use plain textile. Due to her endless creativity in mixing the materials and techniques, yet stunning design makes her label suitable for daily activities, wedding, and Muslims wear as well as for a formal party. Yunita Harun Label unusual drapery, asymmetric lace application and diagonal plaited are intended to produced range of collection that are able to attract people attention!

Profile 7aShe was born in Jakarta November 1976 by a warm and loving parent who believes in good education and with high sense of arts including paintings, architecture, interior or fashion. They all love art and design so much and liberally choose to explore it through high knowledge.Her beloved father was a well known gynecologist specialized in fertility during President Soeharto era. He was a wise man and down to earth person. Her mother is a hard working woman who also optimistic about achieving success from the scrap. She has been advising a good ethic and moral to her children to be aware of wheel of life within society. She is married and proud to be blessed with three kids!

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Benno Harun, as Yunita Harun’s eldest brother, is the first Indonesian photographer who introduced Black and White potraits. He is the first teacher of Indonesian modern art. The second brother is business man who adores pop art designs. He inspired Yunita Harun to become brave and expressive in her design. Her elder sister plays role as her God mother in real life, as well as her design consultant for Yunita Harun’s pieces.

Just like her mother, Yunita Harun is a hard working woman, an easy going person, very expressive, patient and affection person who has a good will. She always appreciates design critics and attempt to review any lackness or weakness. All critics can be used for her future guidance’s to be better (Picture left & right by models).

Grew-up as the youngest in a big family with many siblings! How does she describe it? Being the youngest is the greatest thing in her life! Yunita observed and learnt a lot about life experiences and art knowledge from her two older brothers and her older sister. All of them respect each difference in taste and style of arts. The big family gave a big impact in most of Yunita Harun’s works without being spoiled.

Yunita Harun Label started after she won Third Prize LPM 1996. Winning was just the beginning. It was not easy to discover her own design characteristics and instantly claimed to be a new born fashion designer.To be a great fashion designer requires a lot of time to learn, experiences and having a design principle. A designer needs to have better understanding about design concept and strong identity. That was the reason she took Bachelor Degree of Arts at KVB Visual Communication, NORTH SYDNEY and continued to higher education in Master of Design at UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Sydney, Australia.

By starting her early portfolio as Fashion Designer made her understand each aspects, details and process of how to create a great fashion and visual and together with materials in one cutting Fashion Design! Her family gave influences most of her works and personal style. Yunita Harun loves being in-between and embracing the multi aspects side of life and a hint of sensuality as it also influenced by her past experiences, climbing fashion ladder in local Fashion market and various lifestyle magazines. Then she finally decided to juggle back with Fashion industry (Picture left by a model).

Just recently Yunita Harun Label at Blu Martini, JW Marriot in Jakarta, expressed the desire to re-enter the Fashion industry. Where the idea does came from? The evening dresses collection 2013 called “A WALK TO REMEMBER” is based on elegancy, sophisticated and modern look.  Releasing this range was not only about showing the existence of the designer label but also exhibited the latest beauty expression for 2013 designs. The beauty was created through unusual drapery, asymmetric lace application and diagonal plaited. I intended to produced range collection which able to attract people attention.

Yunita Harun also has a huge appreciation for those people who hard workers to invent something new for fashion and modify classic with modern design. She is very much impressed with creation of Chanel, Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, Merdi Sihombing, Biyan, OBIN, as well as the appearance of Lady Gaga, Madonna and SANIA.

To enable her to follow the current local fashion trend, Yunita Harun works closely with one of Indonesian Pop Singer, Sania – as her personal fashion stylist.

Her favorite label designs are DONNA KARAN, GUCCI and DIOR. Yunita always admire those people who persistent towards fashion as their true identity and self-expression. As beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself (as stated by Chanel)!

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As for her personal style, she loves to appear in a simple, modern and elegant. What does Yunita Harun want to pursue in the future? She is hoping to be an international fashion designer who always competent to produce new design collections that able satisfy the users and make them feel good about themselves (p5/Nov13).