The JERIN Festival 2013

An urban festival of the two countries, German and Indonesia! Another cultural and education event to give the young Indonesians the possibilities to witness the strong presence of corporate partners that play a key actors in Indonesia’ market. German companies employes young potentials in various fields of business from pharmaceutical, insurance, automotive, airlines to the energy and infrastructure sectors where the job profiles needed in German companies are divers.

The remarks by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Indonesia Dr. Georg Witschel, JERIN Festival 2013 was to celebrate the 60 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Indonesia! With The spirit of JERIN Festival 2013 is Creativity in Diversity – From Berlin to Jakarta, JERIN showed a frame for the celebration of these 60 years diplomatic relations. A series initiated by the German Embassy, EKONID (German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and the Goethe-Institute Indonesia to highlight the various partnerships between
the two countries.

The Opening ceremony by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Indonesia Dr. Georg Witschel and also witnessed by Mrs. Dr. Hj Sylviana Murni, SH. M.Si Asisstant Pemerintahan, Mr. Ramesh Divyanathan, the Presidnet Director BMW Group Indonesia and Mr. Joachim Wessling, the CEO Allianz Life Indonesia.

The logo of an abstract butterfly represent the two national colours in one principle enshrined in the Javanes cultural wisdom: The arrival of a butterfly is the harbinger of a promised event. And it as a great success of JERIN Festival 2013!

This event reached more than 5 million people through media coverage and 120 events in 25 cities all over Indonesia, reaching from culture and science to business and education. The JERIN Festival 2013 main platform to present all aspect of german projects an sinnitiatives in Indonesia.

The recent success JERIN Festival 2013 also highlighted a Career session. Germany as an export champion is still leading worldwide with innovative products and technologies and still the “Employers of choice” to most of proffessionals. A free entrance festival open for public was possible through JERIN corporate sponsors! The JERIN platinum sponsors are Allianz and BMW who support the platform from the very beginning idea. And the The JERIN gold sponsors are GIZ, Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz and Siemens. These are the backbone of JERIN Festival 2013!

Siemens participates in JERIN Careers

As part of Siemens commitment to strenghten German-Indonesia relations,  Siemens provides opportunities for young generations in Indonesia through graduate programs. Siemens is one of the oldest and largest German comapnies in Indonesia that participated in JERIN Festival 2013.

Siemens has been doing business in Indonesia for more than 150 years and have always been an integral part of the society – as an investor, a provider of green technology products and solutions. As a good corporate citizen in Indonesia, Siemens actively fostering social development for a sustainable future through training and educational programs for the younger generations of Indonesians, said Josef Winter, the President Director and CEO of PT Siemens Indonesia. Find out how Siemens is an attractive employer for people who want to shape the future!

To sounds not always too serious, JERIN Festival 2013 not only focus on Career opportunities! There were some interesting fun, entertainmen and cultural program ranging from Urban Culture, Street Art, German Food experience to fisrt class music concerts with Sandy Sondoro, Iskandar Widjaya, a well kown hip hop musicians Akim Waltha from the hip hop Embassy in Berlin and also famous Indonesian band Andra and the backbone!

More and more Indonesians want to study in German. Therefore the Goethe Institute offers language coursesevent during the week end! This answers the demand of young generation of Indonesians.

The German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD offering a wide variety of Master and PHD-Scholarships for Indonesian students in Germany; both in german and English. Germany is still the most attractive country in Europe for Indonesian students and ranks number 5 worlwide. The reaosn most probably seems to be its cultural and religious diversity. From eating halal, going to the mosque or church, dringking beer – all is possible in Germany!

GIZ Indonesia
Offers customised solutions to complex challenges. Their services to assist the German Government in achieveing its objectives in the field of international cooperation. Priority areas of the German – Indonesian development cooperation are:
– Energy, climate and natural resources
– Inclusive growth
– Good governance

Clients of GIZ besides the German Government are the Government of Indonesia, multilateral organisations, private sectors and others. The official partner on the Indonesian side is the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS). The GIZ Indonesia is also responsible for Timor Leste.

Make it in Germany
Changing the demographics in Germany resulted in a fall of available qualified professionals and will contribute the the greatest risks for economic development of Germany as a country.

The German government anticipated this situation by securing a skills base in the STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Math) sectors. One key measure taken by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) together with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the Federal Employment Agency (BA) is the “Qualified Professionals Initiative” (

One of the initiative involves addressing qualified professionals abroad who are interested in immigrating, especially those in third countries where there is an overcapacity of qualified workers. “Make it in Germany” ( provides a comprehensive information about living and working in germany, pinpoints the sectors which are seeking qualified professionals and bundles existing offers of advice and support. The “Welcome to Germany” portal stands a beacon to the world signalling Germany’s open “culture of welcome” and aims to carve an international profile for Germany as an attractive country for immigrants.

Hence, the JERIN Festival is the highlight for year 2013. And more to come for year 2014 to celebrate 20 years of town twinning between Jakarta and Berlin. And year 2015 Indonesia will be the guest country at the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt.

Creativity in Diversity – From Berlin to Jakarta!! Indonesia-Now is fully supporting JERIN Festival 2013! (p4/Oct13)