Riannti – A multi talented Singer

Riannti is a rock star! An English teacher graduated from State University of Jakarta, Indonesia – in order to pursue her career in music, so she took a break from teaching job for a while! Riannti is now a full-time singer, songwriter as well as a proffesional performer from Indonesia.

As last night special performance on Saturday June 22, 2013 at BluMartini – JW Marriot Hotel in Jakarta – at one of Indonesia and Asia’s best place in Jakarta, there’s something for everyone, when fabulous Riannti hits her music with her dynamic contemporary performance – a multi talented young Indonesian girl with big dreams of making it as a singer.

It’s about the performance and the spirit, one part music, and one part rock with a splash of pop and get everyone at BluMartini enjoyed with her musical and style influences. With her stunning looks wearing her leather booth, long curly hairstyles and silver sparkling accessories. Riannti  is very ambitious and never gives up until she achieves whatever her dream in music – a dynamic and a graceful singer.

She recorded her 1st solo album upon completion of her fan funded Sellaband project. Over 6o people from around the world invested in the album. Making her the first Asian singer who successfully completed the project.

In her spare time, Riannti do anything related to music and what most girls would do. Also she enjoys go to the gym, salon, shopping, or just hangout with friends. Her other hobbies are watching comedy, dancing and travelling.

Born in Jakarta on 8 January, as the fourth child of 5. Riannti has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. In most of common society, big family shows that middle children are usually more successful because of the so-called “Middle Child Syndrome”. Does this case apply to Riannti as well? Or does she suffer from the syndrome at all? It’s very clear that Riannti enjoyed being the middle children as she thought the older ones were supposed to be the successful ones. And the middle children are the spoiled one! Riannti thinks being part of a large family gives the exclusivity to see the role model from the older sisters or brothers. Riannti also said that big family is fun, as there is always someone to hug, to ask for help, to share with, to have a shoulder to cry on and much more. Even during the difficult times, always support each other.

When it comes to write songs, she writes from her own personal life experiences or people around her as her source of inspirations. Mostlly, topics of her songs are anything to do with love, the good and the bad, but always in a positive way!

And what brought Riannti to this music industry? She knew it since she was a little girl – as she remembered always raised her hand whenever the elementary music teacher asked for a volunteer to sing a national song in front of the class. She always participated in singing competitions whenever the chance arise.

In 2008 Riannti was able to record her first album with a duo called MARU for which she wrote all the songs and as well as the lead vocalist. Riannti decided to go solo in 2010 and ever since she have sung in various events.

At tender age of elementary, Riannti delcared that she wanted singing to be her profession. In 2007 she became the lead singer and songwriter for a duo band called Maru – together with her sister Erika Weinzinger. This band got recognition from their single called ‘Hey tenang Saja’.

Her music is a mix of pop, R&B with dance and rock element, which is hugely inspired by Rihanna, and also Beyonce and Armin Van Buuren.The new album ‘All Night’ is now available worldwide on download form in CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon:

1. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/riannti

2. https://itunes.apple.com/id/album/all-night/id641842717?l=en

3. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=riannti

The album involved music professionals both local and international. She produced the album together with Rio Ricardo and Beben from the band ‘Winner’. The song All Night was written together with Albert Rosenbrand. And the album was proudly mastered in Bernie Grundman, Hollywood. The same studio that has mastered albums from international singers such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Elton John, Mariah Carey, U2 and many more. http://www.berniegrundmanmastering.com/engineers/grund_disc.html

On April 5, 2013 she launched her album All Night in Redsquare. This event with huge success with more than 160 guests, was sponsored and supported by many brands such as:
–    Up Language Institute
–    Classy by Erika Weinzinger
–    Fitflop
–    Tugu hotel, restaurant and spa
–    Vogues perfumes
–    Burger King
–    The Beat magazine

In Riannti Video Clip Premiere at Blu Martini; JW Marriot in Jakarta, Indonesia – Riannti expressed herself as a rock star! Where does that feeling came from? Well, it comes from deep inside heart and soul of Riannti’s feeling!

Oh by the way, there are so many that Riannti adores and admires in vocal or music industry that give a big influences to he career in music and singing career. There are many from each decade and each generation. She admires Mariah Carey and Beyoncé’s vocal abilities. But I love Rihanna’s style even though her vocal range is not as wide as theirs.

The biggest inspiration for this album is definitely Rihanna! But also Beyoncé and Armin Van Buuren. That is why there are many dance elementson Riannti’s new album. While for Riannti favorite song – It’s difficult to just pick one, because she has so many favorites. But lately she has been listening to Skin by Rihanna a lot and and get a sneak peak frequently to warming up her vocals before her show.

Riannti performance just recently on April 2013 at Red Square Jakarta which bring a great success to her singing role. She was so happy that she got awesome feedback from people from this event. Being a singer songwriter performer enables her to express truly herself.

Riannti admit it that entering the music industry is not an easy one to pursue. So, besides singing and performing, she also write her own songs – All the lyrics, the music and arrangements! Which she believes by doing this way, she really enter music industry differently than other singer. On top of that there is vocal coaching, piano lessons and dance lessons to get better improvement at every level.

Her new album “All Night” was funded by Riannti’s fans from around the world through a crowd-funding project. The video clip was also funded by fans from another crowd-funding project. Making this achievement as the first Asian singer who successfully did it. She wants to continue building her fan base from crowd-funding projects.

As a natural beauty of Indonesian woman, her personal style to be sexy rock star! She enjoys to wear edgy, sexy outfits that shows young character, energic and a bit rock. Such as hot pants, short leather jackets, boots and funky tops or denim jackets are her preferences.

Riannti really wants to live doing only do singing and a songwriter!  Besides this, Riannti own of a language institute called UP.

Oh Yes, there is a BIG dream in Riannti’s mind for her career – to be a successful singer-songwriter-performer! Riannti will surely meet those goals soon enough (bs/june13/p6).