Advancing the Quality of People

HUMAN RESOURCES Perspective by Betty Siahaan: A never stop learning and never stop rolling! Developing human resource is a real challenge and it is a continuous process. The economic growth versus human Resource has become an-ongoing discussion among the business community as well as among the Human Resource Practices lately.

Indonesia is at the world’s 17th-largest economy and the sixth-largest among developing countries in economic development. With the huge number of population of more than 200 million are wide spread within the territory of Indonesia – and which is consisted of more than 17.000 islands, there are a lot of obstacles and problems to face. Human Resource Practices play an important and strategic role, but also acomplicated effort.



Entrepreneur Festival 2014

CAREER HIGHLIGHT on Entrepreneurship: Sesuai dengan temanya, The Rise & Challenge of Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs, didedikasikan untuk perubahan, membangun semangat wirausaha muda Indonesia dengan mempersiapkan mental dalam melakukan business untuk mampu bersaing dalam menghadapi Perdagangan bebas ASEAN 2015, serta membangun karakter pemimpin yang berkwalitas dan berintegritas.

Entrepreneur Festival 2014 ini melibatkan para Entrepreneur muda dalam setiap konten kegiatannya dengan tujuan agar mampu meraih sukses berkat ide, inovasi dan kerja keras. Ada kalanya para Entrepreneur muda yang lebih efektif memberi inspirasi bagi kaum muda lainnya, khususnya calon Entrepreneur, ujar CEO Market+ Magz dan Inisiator Entrepreneur Festival 2014, Dolly Lesmana.



GISP Asia to set debut in 2014

PROPERTY FOCUS of GISP Asia: In the world of Intan Aprilia M. Kraft, as founder and owner of GISP Asia describes “Let’s watch the old year die, with a fond goodbye, and our hopes as high as a kite.” There’s never been a more fun and yet more exciting time to be in the world of marketing; saddle up! And welcome back to the show that never ends. GISP Asia is back to offer their best in property industry!

It’s time to make ready ourselves for another year in the world of property industry. This is always a good time for a little reflection – of lessons learned, perspectives earned, and resolutions to make the 2014 to become GISP Asia best of the year! How do we understand what’s coming around the corner when the corner keeps moving? Certainly, there has never been a more important time to be a businesswoman.



The JERIN Festival 2013

An urban festival of the two countries, German and Indonesia! Another cultural and education event to give the young Indonesians the possibilities to witness the strong presence of corporate partners that play a key actors in Indonesia’ market. German companies employes young potentials in various fields of business from pharmaceutical, insurance, automotive, airlines to the energy and infrastructure sectors where the job profiles needed in German companies are divers.

The remarks by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Indonesia Dr. Georg Witschel, JERIN Festival 2013 was to celebrate the 60 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Indonesia! With The spirit of JERIN Festival 2013 is Creativity in Diversity – From Berlin to Jakarta, JERIN showed a frame for the celebration of these 60 years diplomatic relations. A series initiated by the German Embassy, EKONID (German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and the Goethe-Institute Indonesia to highlight the various partnerships between
the two countries.



Intan Aprillia M. Kraft, the heart sees what is invisible to the eye!

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye, as Intan Aprillia M. Kraft, founder of GISP Asia described her story about MAI DOLL of her DREAM World as one of business division of GISP Asia, during a long interview session at her cozy and beautiful house in Jakarta. Married to an Expat German gentleman, she has been traveling to over 24 countries over Asia and Europe together with her husband.

Intan Aprillia M. Kraft was born on 4 April 1969 in Plosodoyong, a very remote mountain village in southern of Jogjakarta – Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, from a Balinese Hindu father and Javanese Muslim mother, but both parent mostly practiced Kejawen ritual.


Profile YH 2a

Yunita Harun – It’s been always about Fashion!

Never stop. And never give up! Yunita Harun has a great passion of fashion. Her name may not be heard so much in public as she entered the industry on-and-off as Fashion Designers. But her achievements has already established in the fashion industry since long a go! She contributed regularly in Fashion industry, even before she finished her formal fashion education.

For Yunita Harun, being Chic and Elegant in fashion is not an option but it’s a must! As an Indonesian Modern Fashion designer who specializes in Blending Cuttings or patterns. She has several ways to search her design identity through fashion industry. With her strong past experiences in fashion as an assistant design production room, fashion stylist, sales merchandising, and assistant fashion photographer, Yunita Harun declared her own feet as a Fashion Designer with her name as her label – Yunita Harun to started to shape up her label name and image in the fashion industry.



Mr. Leo Tonidandel, a pianist who travelled the world!

Mr. Leo (Leandro) Tonidandel whom is currently the General Manager of Lufthansa Indonesia, has an adventure side that fit well with his international career! He enjoys discovering new places, new people and new ideas. It boosts his creativity as ways to free his mind to do his best work, at Lufthansa German Airlines. Leo defined creativity as “the process of having original ideas that have value.” As for someone like Leon, routine work is almost always wrong for creative work!

He enjoys travel around the world, do interact with different cultures and languages which enrich him even further. Indonesian landscape is beautiful and he and his family try to go around the country during their spare times to discover the different local differences.

Leo started his career with Lufthansa in 1991 at Sao Paolo – Brazil. Sao Paolo population is 26 million. He originally came from South area of Brazil where most people are easy to talk with and so open minded.