Mateus Darmawan Lesmana of TRUST CORPORATION is a leader in Marine Solutions

A best 1998 Master Degree graduate from a reputable IPMI Business School in Jakarta with awards more than his MBA tuition fee, who was an Expatriate employee at Schlumberger Ltd, as one of the two fastest graduates from Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Salatiga majoring Electrical Engineering and a father of three beautiful daughters.

An Indonesian Marine Company, operating with a Global Standard! It’s just a matter of time that TRUST CORPORATION will be a leader among those significant few!

These great achievemments in a hand of Mateus Darmawan Lesmana, is extreamly confident to bring TRUST CORPORATION to become a leader in Marine Solutions, a company with sustainable future and a home for their ‘big families’ of boards, managers and staffs of TRUST CORPORATION.

Mateus Darmawan Lesmana, or Adi as a nickname was born December 1st, as 2nd son out of 3 children of Sugiarto Lesmana family. His father is a civil engineer, retired over 20 years ago as an independent contractor.

It was 1987 when Adi graduated from SMA Regina Pacis Bogor, a school where he spent all of his early days of education. Fourteen (14) years had passed at the same school since ‘Nol kecil’ until ‘3 SMA A1’, a term for majoring in physics, graduated with certain qualifications but like most other kids at his age, still unclear what was to aim at the next stage. He simply wanted to be independent, the same answer when few people were asking.

Adi then followed five admission tests at different universities with different majors, four were accepted. He finally decided to enter Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Salatiga, majoring EE/electrical engineering. Besides the reputation, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Salatiga simply attracted him with their open culture, methodology and the presence of few unique figures, like Arief Budiman and George Aditjondro. They are uniques and have colors of their own beliefs.

Entering the second year, Adi heard about Schlumberger, a Global Corporation that offering ideal working atmosphere. International exposure, high salary, opportunity to learn more. In short ideal for any fresh graduate and well aligned with his goal of becoming an independent person. He set his focus and worked it out since then. He completed all classes in 3.5 years and started working on thesis during the next half. Graduated in 1991 with title ‘Insinyur Elektro’ majoring in communication and instrumentation, he was one of the two fastest graduates in his class.

Joining the Field Engineer recruitment processes was tedious for a company like Schlumberger Ltd, is a dream of every single engineer in Indonesia and globally. The International exposure and equal opportunity towards gender and nationality, the corporate policy of Schlumberger Ltd attract most of fresh graduate students even until now. Initial test and interview, 10 days at training center, field assignment, another test before final medical checkup, took almost 6 months from the start. Of course each were a screening stage with some participants failed, some proceeded to the next stage. But still the company’s offer remains the highlight for those succeeded.

November 1991, he was recruited as Junior Field Engineer in Schlumberger Ltd, and was getting ready for departure to Oman, for one month field assignment the to Egypt, where another three months training were planned. Gosh, apparently the recruitment and training continued for another four months after the first six months period back home in Indonesia. The difference was he started to receive a salary. A handsome one by any fresh graduate standard.

His six years as Expatriate staff in Schlumberger Ltd were very important period in his life. He started to learn to deal with extreme working pressure. Two days without sleep were quite common. Living and working at isolated compound at sea, dessert or in the jungle were part of our daily activities. Handling and leading people with different background, nationalities and different level of the organization have enriched his skills and experiences. Except Africa, the work took him to almost every corner of the world. After got married with Linda, in 1995, his last career post in Schlumberger Ltd ended in Pakistan in 1997. Despite the rank, the salary and the exposure, it’s time for him to move on to the next phase. Quit the job, go to MBA School.

Lots of people, including his parents, and close friend were opposing the idea of resigning from Schlumberger Ltd, but his belief stand firm. Still on track of pursuing independence, only the process had moved on to the next phase. With families attached, further education will bridge the transition to broader opportunities/exposures across industries. For this, he is willing to leave a ‘dream job’ of every single engineer, went unemployed and no income during his study in Business School, with the belief that a brighter future is waiting.

The next journey was IPMI Business School at Jakarta, Indonesia. IPMI  Business School was chosen with two parameters. He trusted Schlumberger Ltd alumni recommendations and IPMI Business School reputation itself. The learning experience was unforgettable. Case studies, interactions and networking among students, faculty members and visiting professors with different backgrounds provide abundance of self-enrichment. Elected as President of 1997 class, he graduated in 1998.

As the best 1998 IPMI Business School graduate, Adi received awards more than his MBA tuition fee and a Master Degree certificate in hand from a reputable IPMI Business School. Yet it was still the beginning of the 2nd phase transition period. A US CORPORATION, Qualcomm Inc., focusing in CDMA wireless network become the first employer after his graduation. He was assigned as Country Business Development Manager, overseeing the possibility for Qualcomm Inc. to enter the wireless infrastructure in Indonesian Telecommunication market.

He learnt about institutional bureaucracy in obtaining operating license from the government, working with PT TELKOM for a prototype, join research and certifications required. A lot of dynamics among headquarters in San Diego, Indonesian regulatory bodies, and others related. He and the team managed to certify the prototype, get the necessary license before crisis finally hold Qualcomm plan to pursue with the investment. The Jakarta office was closed down and merged with it’s regional in Singapore. Nevertheless his self-enrichment processes continued. He has lots of friends at related institutions, industries related as well as other indirect link. Another fruitful year for networking, despite the end policy.

After about three months without employment, the next journey started at HASKO Group, a private-family conglomerate with core businesses in timber and manufacturing. He started his career as General Manager in central procurement. Three years later he was one of the BOD team responsible for operation of their 3 plants in Jambi. This was the time he learnt a lot of family culture in running a corporation. Trust was above all professional measures. There were values gained as well as lost, everything has created a dynamics that further enriched his wellbeing.

Adi continued for another 2 years before accepting offers to move to different private conglomerates as COO. This time the portfolios include mining and plantations.

He came to know the shipping industries since 1999, where tug and barges were used to transport timber and their finish wood products. At the later stage, vessels were also used in transporting mining products and plantation.

Being a COO in Sumatra Timber Utama Damai group was quite demanding, 75% his time was spend visiting sites, both in Indonesia and abroad. Year 2004, he began to involve more on mining networks as well as palm oil plantations. These two industries are capital intensive and required long term strategy to make it work. Close coordination with bankers, and funding institution was intensive, both domestic and overseas.

It was April 2006, when his mother was suddenly hit by stroke. She was hospitalized twice within 3 months and semi paralyzed on the left side. Both of his sister and brother still lived at the United States that time. As the only children around, he was faced with another big decision. Adi tendered his resignation with the intention to assist his mother going through her treatment during that difficult period.

Surprisingly, the switch from his professional career to entrepreneurship happened at this same time, when one of the owner’s son was asking if he was interested to start a business by his own. The partnership started end of year 2006. Shipping was chosen after they both studied the potential and market segment. PT Manna Lines International (MLI) formally established in nov 2006, where Adi was the CEO and owned 45%.

Despite the challenging start up processes, PT MLI developed well, from 2 sets of chartered tug and barge, in 2009 they owned 9 sets. Business was running well, their management grew stronger. The customers varied from traders, private miners, foreign companies up to prominent BUMN/State owned like PLN and PTBA. They handled sand reclamation projects, coal transport and general cargo across the region, including Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam as well as Indonesia. Their customer base and banking relation are getting stronger and stronger.

Toward the end of 2009, on behalf of his family, his partner offered a tender offer to buy out his shares in PT MLI. It wasn’t an easy decision, knowing the years and effort spent earlier to setup and to grow the company. Negotiations went on until agreement reached in March 2010.

In April 2010, with these experiences, the support from existing customers, management and bankers, Adi finally established PT Trust Line Marine, a company of his own.

By now, Trust Line Marine operates 10 sets of Tug and Barges, 8 owned, 2 are belongs to third party, fully operated under his management. By end of this year 2011, they are expecting 2 more set delivered, bringing our total fleets of 12. It’s been a superb achievement from the whole management that in less than 2 years’ time, they managed to regain their position in the market.

A group vision is set firmly as ‘A leader in Marine Solutions’. Trust Line has been repositioned to TRUST CORPORATION with 4 subsidiaries now, in which:

  1. TRUST Line Marine will maintain its focus at cargo vessel, transporter of mining and general cargo
  2. TRUST Eadyra Lines is focusing at marine and offshore support for Oil and Gas
  3. TRUST Karya Mandiri at services, ship management, agency and shipyard
  4. TRUST Logistic Intra-marine at marine infrastructure, such as jetty, floating terminal, floating crane and etc


TRUST CORPORATION have just recently signed an 8 years MOU with Schlumberger Ltd, his ex-employer. They will work together under this framework, synergizing both their expertise in Marine and Oil exploration technology to serve Oil and Gas companies in Indonesia.

With the support of government regulation in Local Content/TKDN, Cabotage Law, Adi does believe that the Birth of Local Indonesian Marine Company, operating with the Global Standard is just a matter of time and TRUST CORPORATION will be the one among those significant few.

It’s been a long and winding road since the day Adi graduated from high school in 1987, but his dream and goals to become independent has finally arrived. God has leaded him the ways. He has empowered him with the endurance, skill and persistence to make it through.


Adi has some hobbies and one of them is an Aquascape, a quite unique hobby. A fresh water aquarium mainly dedicated to grow the plants. A plants collections of different color and water temperature (Usually 23-24degC). The fish are also selected, only those can survive the water temperature and PH can be put in the tank. A well know Aquascaper is a Japanese, named Takashi Amano. He place one tank in his office, and three others are at his home in Bogor.



The second hobby is big Motorbike. He usually ride his big bike on Saturday morning to Puncak in a group of five or less to enjoy the morning breeze after a quick breakfast and back home before 10am.




Other hobby is traveling twice a year with his whole family go somewhere, rent a car and apartment and do things they would like to do. It’s the togetherness that matter the most and spent quality family time together.



The last hobby is Photography where he started two years back. Adi found it is so much fun to know that technology help people with average photography skills like him can produce great pictures. The memories of those travelings are now digitized and can be compiled in a very practical way.


With his beautiful wife, Linda is a house wife, handling all the day to day family matters and three beautiful daughters, he is now 42 years and live in Bogor. Their eldest daughter, Stefanie Lesmana is now 15 years old. The second daughter is Carolyne, 11 years old, and the youngest Jennifer is 6th. All are currently studying at Sekolah Pelita Harapan sentul.

His elder brother, Budiarto Lesmana is a professional currently working as one of the executives in Sinar Mas Forestry. His younger sister, Irawati Lesmana is also a professional working full time for a leading electronics chain lives in the United States, married with three children. His mother is improved significantly and now she is able to walk slowly with help. Adi is grateful for His Blessing upon his family, his job and everything that has happened to him.

In year 2011 TRUST CORPORATION is growing more than five times as compared to a year ago, they will book more than 100 B rupiah in revenue, 250 B rupiah in assets, and 200++ employees by year end. With everything are well aligned, they are currently aiming to double their size in year 2012.

TRUST CORPORATION will keep on innovating to leverage its value in the market. His management is the most important assets of TRUST CORPORATION, where they put professionalism with certain ‘family values’ to strengthen their internal bond.

The journey continues, there will be new things, new challanges and experiences in the future, but being independent will stay firm, to follow his father’s way as an independent entrepreneur. After so many great achievments with TRUST CORPORATION, his dream now is bringing TRUST CORPORATION to go public, so it can be an asset to the nation. A company with sustainable future and a home for their ‘big families’ of boards, managers and staffs of TRUST CORPORATION.

Mateus Darmawan Lesmana of TRUST CORPORATION is a leader in Marine Solutions!


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