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Inspiration From A Beautiful Mind by Yunita Harun

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle by YUNITA HARUN: An Indonesian modern fashion designer came back for a glamourous Ramadhan collection fashion show at the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta on Saturday 13 June 2015. An afternoon High Tea Prêt-à-Portea delicacies with a Jakarta fashionista community.

A Parade Inspiration From A Beautiful Mind by Yunita Harun – a graduate from Master of Design at UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Sydney, Australia – performed her afternoon glamour fashion Show as part of welcoming the Ramadhan spirit. The Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta took this  momment to supports a charity for unfortunate Children in Jakarta.



Yunita Harun 15cThe glamourous Ramadhan fashion show is inspired by the tradisional Indonesian tenun or ikat from Palembang. Ikat is a type of textile where a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye is used on either the warp or weft threads before they are woven to create a pattern. One of an oldest textile techniques where portions of cloth are tightly tied before dyeing.

For Ramadhan spirit, male prefers simple cut atelier in a more friendly motif of traditional patterns revealing a series of geometric motifs. YUNITA HARUN is known as the master of drapery, asymmetric lace application and diagonal plaited.

YHarunGallery34aThis unique parade is a great combination of Jumputan from Palembang fine garments that speaks of the luxurious clothing style of Yunita Harun and the mixing professionals models and socialite community in Jakarta. The High Tea and Ramadhan, Fashion Show brings a sparkling afternoon at the lobby of Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta on 13 June 2015.

The fashion show was also entertained by Sania – R&B Singer wearing Yunita Harun design with IMG_4307bbright red make her appearance stunning among the crowds where most of Yunita Harun design dominated with earthy colour such as maroon, green, bright blue, purple and brown. Yunita Harun is a long term of her fashion sylist for most of her singing entertainment or shows.

What other speaks about this Glamourous Fashion show?
Dana Afriza is Director of Corporate Communication IPMI International Business School participates here as one of sponsored. She said it is a great opportunity to introduce IPMI International Business School at Glamourous Fashion show. YHarunGallery52aIntroducing IPMI International Business School to Jakarta Socialite Women specifically.

YUNITA HARUN Ramadhan collection fashion Show is so special for its’ unique, modern, simple and elegant. Its sooo me.

Did you buy any pieces for your coming Ramadhan celebration? Oh Yes! Yes, I was so impressed by Yunita Harun design fot its colour mixing here and I bought some pieces already for celebrating my next Ramadhan and Idul Fitri 2015. These beautiful pieces by Yunita Harun really catch my attention from early start of the show and I don’t want to let it go to someone else’s hand.




Maia Spring is one of my close friend of Yunita’s, always come to her fashion show as part of supporting her. To fully support Yunita’s show, she brought a beautiful hand-bouquet fresh flower to be given to her at the end of the show.

Yunita Harun 15aIn her opinion, Yunita’s Beautiful collection very similar to Moroccan Kaftan, but still heavy with Indonesian motif (Jumputan from Palembang) as for pattern on the material. Moroccan clothes are traditionally rich and varied – variety of fabrics, shapes and colors.

There is one dress that I really like most, but it has already been taken by nita’s other customer. Hopefully she can re-design one for me for this coming ramadhan celebration, because each year I have one beautiful Kaftan too which is designed by Yunita Harun for my lebaran festive.

YHarunGallery51bJuliati Benes is the only one who favors one designer: Yunita Harun. That’s cool. Her character of design has always been about keeping it simple with asymmetric lines and easy to wear.

In her opinion, Yunita’s designs use the beautiful textures of material to create unique dresses that makes it outstanding compare to others. Fashion is something to admire, not only for the way it looks or feels, and/or how good it feels when you are wearing them in each specific occasion with special dresses.

I didn’t purchase anything during this fashion show, but I bought 3 special Yunita Harun collection on The Glorious Heritage of Kartini by Yunita Harun, the recent  previous show at Soeryo Cafe (


Sponsored by HSBC | IMPI International Business School | MamaMia Spa |  Biogents | Chev Jewelry | Be Pro | Soul ID

Supported by the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta.

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