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I never thought of “make-up artist” as a career

HIGHLIGHT on Career of Jihan Soemawisastra: “My life is like a soap opera.” Jihan started the conversation ~ filled with ups and downs, and love which sometimes goes awry. Then she continue that what she find interesting, is that her live is most like those soap operas ~ there are some dramatic momments, fantastic, funny, humor, bitter and success too. Life always requires her to get up again and again at the same time also to think fast!

I try not to look back. I had a very difficult life in the past when my parent got separated without a clear reason and I felt that I was not as lucky as any other common kids. At a very young age, I was raised by my kind and pretty auntie, Raden Soekaesih Soemawisastra ~ a primary school teacher. She is truly my inspiration, I adore and love her so much. Honestly saying that, during the stressful time, she helped save my life. The vibration raised my soul up every time we both discussed all of my school activities and after school agenda. A real fighter for my education with high disciplinary attitude.

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As a result I was hugely responsible at my school ~ I was first in my class and became a central of attention among schoolmates. It was so sad and shock when my beloved auntie, Raden Soekaesih Soemawisastra passed away in 2005.

So your parent basically
I was a mix, born with a name Ecin Kuraesin as Indonesian~Sundanese at Pandeglang, West Java ~ Indonesia. My father, Raden Zaenal Abidin Soemawisastra. My mother, Bai Suriah passed away from a brain cancer in 2013. My Soemawisastra’s name came from my great grand father, Raden Soemawisastra who was born and raised in Muslim faith Pandeglang, West Java who finally became a famous and legendary figures “Patih” in the 1920’s at Pandeglang, West Java ~ Indonesia.

How do you like this job?
I don’t think I’m suited to a desk job, as I love more working by meeting different people with different characters. And I really love my job as a “make-up artist” and teaching makeup. It looks so challenging, just like a painter has a canvas, the Makeup Artists’s medium is the human face.

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It ends up being an early inspiration for me, then I started taking private makeup lessons from a best friend ~ Andy Tan who is a really good “make-up artist”. Later he asked me to join as the team and got my first paid right away. It was my first real fun in this new job!

But I felt need to take further studying in this field, then I decided to join the best beauty school, Puspita Martha International Beauty School in Jakarta ~ Indonesia. Then I participated in Nantes, IFOM beauty Sante Forme Paris in October 2010 as an access to my professional network.

“Make-up artist” as my carer
Jihan S 6bIt’s an art career! A more creative world. There is a satisfaction to  explore my creativity as I can instruct client to look up or down. Travell overseas or within Indonesia. My educational background is Bachelor Degree in advertising of London School of Public Relation (LSPR) graduated 2004 in Jakarta ~ Indonesia. Then Jihan S 12agraduated from Puspita Martha International Beauty School 2010 in Jakarta ~ Indonesia & IFOM Beauty Sante Forme in Nantes, 2010 in Paris.

Just like any other profession in the arts, developing a career as a “make-up artist” means being up against a Jihan S 11apreponderance of other aspirants. In July 2009, I finally decided to resign from my job as a sales consultant, senior  marketing  & PR staff at one of Prestigious Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I realized, to become a great “make-up artist”, practice is also one of the best way to learn the necessary skills. It is almot impossible to focus on “make-up artist” as my career, while at the same time I was still full~time working in a 5-stars hotel. One of the first choices to make is one of specialization area in this huge beauty industry. This would be an area of the profession to concentrate and I have to stay focus.

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My achievement
I was appointed as Team Leader Makeup Artist Indonesian Idol 2010. Participate in Nantes, IFOM beauty Sante Forme Paris in October 2010 as an access to my professional network. Also participate in some beauty seminars conducted by leading cosmetic company in several cities in Indonesia. Picture above receiving 2nd Award Wedding makeup competition for International Bridal in 2010 and trophy as the best CIBTAC student 2010 (the most complete package of beauty class Makeup Artist). Picture below as one of The Best CIBTAC Student 2010.

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It’s such a rewarding feeling to see client leave with high self-confidence. I always enjoyed their reaction at the end of “make-up artist” session! Some clients are unsure of what to expect at the end of the Makeup Artist session and then the glow in their eyes when they look in the mirror is indescribable!

When it comes to face contouring, I am an expert in extreme contouring that creates a sense of balance, adding definition to makeup color. Everyone loves my makeup because the skin always looks so flawless with color of natural makeup.

”Contouring is simply bringing your best features and minimizing ones you’d like to hide. It really makes a huge difference.” Jihan Soemawisastra said confidently.

Natural beauty for eyes and eyebrows
The eyebrow shaping isn’t easy, I’ve been trying to years! The more I hate eyebrows frame, the more I am expert in doing eyebrow shaping. The ideal brush for applying eyebrow is important to keep eyebrows neat if you want your eyes to look naturally larger.

Jihan S 13aBut wait, your eyes look small? Eyes are the window to the soul. If you want them to be as perfect and beautiful as possible, I master the techniques for making the eyes more prominent. To have eyes of your dreams can be a tricky task with the right makeup to make them stand out and open up the natural beauty eye even further!

Drawing from her years of experience, Jihan who loves talking about ‘beauty’ is now actively a beauty contributor column for wedding & fashion magazine, such as Bella Donna magazine, The Bridestory.com, Mahligai, Kartini, Marie Claire, NYLON.

She also in-cooporate with some famous Indonesian fashion designer such as Billy Tjong, Imelda Kartini, Windy Chandra, and will be more to come this year 2016. Picture below Make-up Creation by Jihan Soemawisastra and Dress by fashion designer Billy Tjong.

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~ Makeup & hairdo (Jakarta & outside Jakarta) for any occasions such as: day & party makeup, graduation, ceremony, preweding (indoor& outdoor), International & Traditional wedding, makeup for advertorial or advertisement, company pofile, fashion show, print media.

JIHAN SOEMAWISASTRA Private makeup class
~ The course 1 on 1 Personal Makeup Class to learn how to apply your own makeup with flexibility at the client’s venue with the motto “YOUR COMFORT IS MY PRIORITY”.

~ A professional course for MakeUpArtist (MUA) “BE A MASTER WITH A MASTER” ~ Jihan has crafted a unique formula exclusively in private makeup class based on tehnique and experience in the fields from various masters in makeup industry.

~ Corporate makeup class: Employees appearance create a lasting impression, and day-to-day look is part of corporate “brand”. How employees feel about corporate shines through in how they present themselve.

What is your secret of success?
Jihan Profile 43aYou should never stop learning to become a professional MakeupArtist (MUA), stay humble, be creative, willing to accept advice from the experts, be inovative, never give up, stay focus and keep dreaming with a clear vision.

Having been in the beauty industry for over 5 years now, what I still love most about makeup is the ability to see ideas, and new trends come to life and the joy it brings to Jihan Profile 51acustomers. I always treated clients with exclusive products and services, and give them the highest quality at the most. I also take my best clients for a day out for sharing and caring among the clients. It could become a fun fixture that clients look forward to.

Herry Sudardja (Ko Herry) is my role model and has taken such a big role in my life. He inspires me to go for my goals and to think big by trying to live up to my potential in “make-up artist” world. He is also my mentor or “guru” when I was studying makeup. Then I was offered the opportunity to teach makeup at Herry Centro MakeUp & HairDressing school from September 2012 to June 2014 in Jakarta.

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Working as “make-up artist” is an extremely fun job! As one of the most obvious and enjoyable job for someone who loves to travel. I meet clients from everywhere with different characters. I got a talent that can make a living out of just about anything, anywhere. In many occassions I have to be their wedding advisor too.

During her leisure time
Jihan S 8aLife is boring if you just do the same things all the time. I love traveling, seeing the world provides a source of education and learn something new from new people I meet. It develop my skills didn’t know that I had. It opens my eyes that travel will simply makes me a more well-rounded human being. Which is really the goal, isn’t it?

While travelling in search of art, I also love to discover local cuisine and will eat food like I never have before that constantly surprised at the flavors the world has to offer. Watching movie, fashion are other things that I am interested in spending time with friends during my spare time.

What’s your next dream?
Well, with over 5 years experience in makeup for Indonesian Idol 2010, brides, print, and runway, etc ~ I dream to have my own high end makeup studios in an exclusive resort of Bali and Jakarta. Also, working with a lot of international clients to deliver inspirational beauty makeup as keynotes speaker around the globe, is my next endeavour. Visit more on Jihan Soemawisastra Make-up Creation: www.jihansoemawisastra.com (Jan16/P2).

Makeup is part of fashion and lifestyle, it’s about expressing your individuality through appearance and how you apply it. My message is how I can translate for each person and each desired makeup styling effect, as Jihan closed the conversation with her confident smile. And I am excited to help you discover yours!

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