GISP Asia to set debut in 2014

PROPERTY FOCUS of GISP Asia: In the world of Intan Aprilia M. Kraft, as founder and owner of GISP Asia describes “Let’s watch the old year die, with a fond goodbye, and our hopes as high as a kite.” There’s never been a more fun and yet more exciting time to be in the world of marketing; saddle up! And welcome back to the show that never ends. GISP Asia is back to offer their best in property industry!

It’s time to make ready ourselves for another year in the world of property industry. This is always a good time for a little reflection – of lessons learned, perspectives earned, and resolutions to make the 2014 to become GISP Asia best of the year! How do we understand what’s coming around the corner when the corner keeps moving? Certainly, there has never been a more important time to be a businesswoman.

Furthermore, in pursuit of deeper understanding, and more inspiration, I would argue that perspectives beyond our specific swim lanes can provide and inspire equal if not greater value – from how we run our businesses and manage people to the manner in which we develop frameworks and ultimately build brands.

What brought you into the Property Consultant business?
Intan always looks for new challenge. Although Property Consultant challenges can be hard to deal with, working through clients can help her become a stronger, more confident person. Handling a heavy workload or dealing with difficult clients, whatever situation Intan is facing, it’s important for her to take steps to improve the situation. She can learn to stand up for herself or change a situation when someone or something is causing her stress or unhappiness.

Intan deals and meets with many characters, ranging from ordinary people to executive level from multi-nationalities and each has its own personality.  With high flexibility time management as Property Consultant, Intan easily manages to take care between the house hold task such for her husband and business needs.

Though I started without any experience in the property sector, I was so excited because I can learn from many different characters, from many different level of economy class, profession and behavior people not only Indonesian people but also International. Those are all very challenging.

Just like a pilot, in this business I have a flexibility in time management – I know when to run fast and when to lay back!

Property business is a demanding industry. How does GISP Asia compete with others? Calmly Intan reply: Well, in every business there is always competition specially now there are so many property agent from private individual agent as well as those who running under brand or franchise agent company. I just need to be focus and focus.

The main market of GISP Asia Property
Our consultant target market is the middle to upper class market and GISP Asia – Property provides services for rental or looking for purchase. We are covering the area of expatriate community, such as Kemang, Cilandak, Cipete, Pondok Indah, Kebayoran Baru, Kuningan, Menteng, Permata Hijau or greater than Jakarta if any specific request. But Kemang area is GISP Asia major focus as Intan explained during the casual interview session at Kemang Mansion accopmpanied by Bob Sadino – a famous Indonesian businessman and also the owner of the Kemang Mansion. Since the 1980s, Kemang has become a magnet for many people, particularly expatriates intending to live in South Jakarta. And Bob Sadino has become a magnet of Kemang area!

What is the most challenging part to work as Property Consultant?
In property market you can work every where just simply take your laptop or hand-phone/gadget with you and the world will contact you. She replied with fully spirit.

My happiness is, when I can deliver the product according their requirment or desire, and to deliver the best product according the client’s desires is not easy. The environment quality standard property in Indonesia still far below compare to the other neighbourhood countries. So, this is still upsetting me when I think about this issue. Other matters that need to be improved are noise, garbage system, the street business or “kaki lima”, and the siskamling system for neighborhood security and safety. In most cases the duty man during the night security creates so much noise and in addition also from the mosque for out loud noise for during their prays.

The Jakarta residential market has been one of the strongest in the world, says Intan. And I am not surprised the price of property that located close to the mosque dropped or lower compare to other area.

To expand your market, instead of referral comes from friends?
I focus to create on team work or collaborate with other umbrella to speed the expansion of my business. I really wish GISP Asia will be one of the best National consultant property that exist Indonesia.

What makes GISP Asia – Property Consultant different?
GISP ASIA has a special or unique message. This uniqueness is driven by my own life story, with lots of challenges and stones to go through. But I have a strong determination and believe that one day in the future GISP ASIA will surely become so unique compare to other existing property.

What is the commonly requirement from clients upon their arrival in Indonesia?
For prospective clients or prospective buyers, they always try to avoid the  residential close to mosque or any noisy sources, free of floods, and to avoid the slum area. This is quite funny that some of my expatriate clients even request to be near by grave yard as they believe the dead people would never create any disturbing noise and much more quite and peace spot.

“benci tapi rindu” or “it’s a hate but love”
Say, if they leave the country after their working agreement expired in the country? Yes, they leave the country when they finished their job contract. Some remain to stay in Indonesia for establishing their own business in Indonesia and/or getting the local Indonesian as their partner in life. This is quite strange actually, while they hate it so much about so many things of Indonesia, but in the end they keep coming back to live Indonesia because of the hospitality of the Indonesian people.

I may say “it’s a hate but love” at the same time or in bahasa Indonesia we commonly say “benci tapi rindu”. Longing for Indonesia then coming back again and again, Intan says with smile in her lips and eyes says something deeper. Look at my husband for example, who retired since long time ago but still wants to live in Indonesia and be taken cared by an Indonesian wife. Most of his main foods i.e. tea, honey, coffee and many more are mostly imported from his country of origin and equiped himself for several months  of his consumption. As he complains so much about the quality of Indonesian food products.

How do you see the GISP Asia the next 5 years?
Year 2014 will be so very challenging for GISP Asia, competition will be tougher with this coming the presidential election – Intan says.  I really wish that GISP Asia will establish much bigger in Indonesia, expanding the network all over Indonesia/province and further recognized in Asia, specifically within the South East Asia region! I do believe that I can make it.

What’s your secret success story to inspire others?
I always choose one solution to try first! When Intan is dealing with a difficult client and realize the situation needs to change, she takes responsibility for the issues and comes up with a plan or asking for help when she needs it. Intan started the Property Consultant from zero knowledges and experiences in property sector. There is always new things come up in any situation, she said.

I may say I started this business because I like it and enjoy with the environment, from the cleaning of public street, the worker, and to the rich of property owners, who welcome me nicely. So, I transformed myself into the market needs and adjustable into any situation. That is my success secret story in this industry! She closed the interview with high spirit and ready to face new challanges (March14/p3).

Contac for customer service of GISP Asia Property Consultant

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