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Dana Afriza Makes the Switch From Banker to Coach

HIGHLIGHT on Career of Dana Afriza: A Great Coaches create Great Leaders! Coaching is a way to link activities into vision and strategy. Coaching is not only about solving problems. It´s about actively listening, asking the client powerful questions, stimulating awareness and curiosity! She is a banker by profession and has worked in the Local and Internasional banking industry in Indonesia.

After more than 22 years a successful career in banking industry, she found that as an Executive of Management Coach is another exciting and challenging role. Currently, she delivers a Coaching Program to one of European Automotive premium Car from Germany. Dana Afriza looks so fresh with full energy in her yellow suits that bring her bright and dynamic personality during the interview session. She also looks casual with her top print design and combines with blue jeans emphasizes that she is also a confident business lady!

Dana Afriza who currently one of the best Coach in Indonesia, is an expert to help managers or leaders to apply a so-called “coach approach“ adapted to various settings by focusing more on each individual skills, the emotional and personal intelligence, and as such more on the holistic development of the whole team.

Constants Change in Life and Business
Regular Coaching is something leaders dread and will try and avoid, whereas they will embrace and look forward to development. Development is nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and above all else, actionable. With constants change in life and business is keep rolling.

Coaching can be a highly effective way to assists in working with change. The objective of Coaching is to select and implement the right activities at the company to fulfill the agreed company target. The key question asked is, “How well is an employee applying his or her current skills, and to what extent is he or she achieving the outcomes desired?” So, Coaching has become increasingly popular for performance reaching the company targets.

According to Dana, a Coach is fully responsible for handling all coaching program questions and issues at the company and work closely align with the management regarding the company’s program. Coach will then define an action plan for the company that focuses on the weak areas to bring the necessary improvements.

Dana Afriza as A Management Coach!
As Dana Afriza says a great Coach who can easily look how a company is performing against a set list of KPIs. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable tool that reflects how well an organization is achieving its stated goals and objectives. Coach will be expected to analyze company performance through selected KPIs and a root cause analysis with health check interview to development of the Coaching program.

Coaching will start an evaluation after a thorough root cause analysis so that Coaching sessions can focus on areas of greatest return. After identification of areas for improvement the Management and the Division agree on a target for the respective results KPI and define the appropriate actions to meet the target. What is often missing from this evaluation, however, is the part about making sure that the employee is doing the right thing.

Dana also added that to some leader, Coaching is not being really practiced yet by many managers and leaders.  To some exceptional business individuals have realized its relevance and power to develop team members and companies!

The Beauty of Coaching
In the world of coaching, there are various coach tools that exist in the market such as stress coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, team coaches, success coaches, and many more. For such a long time, coaching has been considered as a “special” development effort granted by the company to successful and simultaneously difficult managers who would need to get their rough edges a little bit softened in order to be turned into real corporate superstars. As Dana shares her views herewith:

– Get a positive support from Top Management and all business areas
– Coach, Management and all business areas can identify weaknesses and work closely together on sustainable solutions by balancing target achievement and profitability.

There are Three Main Areas Dana Afriza is Focusing
Her activities will generally focus on three different approaches such as: Coaching, Consulting and Training. To what extent is your employee achieving the outcomes desired? Currently, there is a trend that leadership coaching becomes more popular and chosen as a key leadership tools in organizations to assist executives, managers, and employees in their professional development. As most companies have understood that highly motivated and fulfilled team members enjoy what they are doing and as such are more effective.

While the traditional Coaching approach is a very “soft” approach, my approach is clearly focused on target achievement.  I can use all formats of Coaching (e.g. one-on-one sessions, group Coaching, trial and error). I always consider that in the end I will responsible for getting the results from my implements activities. This means that the Coachee only has a certain level of freedom to accept my recommendations and suggested activities.

Consulting differs from Coaching in a variety of ways as I develop the desired solution together with the company based on my best practice experienced and subject matter expert credibility (Picture left: During business presentation in Finland).

The consulting approach is very useful for complex activities e.g. database cleansing or marketing campaign development and provides a roadmap to a desirable future.

In some cases I find that the newly designed processes and procedures need to be communicated or trained to the company’s staff. The suggested format for these activities is training. This means that I facilitate a workshop or team meeting (similar to class room training) with the appropriate training material (e.g. presentations, system demonstration, job aids, etc).  However, in some cases training in the company may be expected from me (basic communication skills, build a cohesive relation, service excellence, etc).

Is There Any Relationship Between the Coach and Coachee? Surely yes, as Dana said there are two active persons for the purpose of meeting the Coachee´s needs and wishes, and all depending upon the situation the manager/leader is confronted with.  Previously, Dana is actively exciting of doing the Coach Program with one of European Automotive premium Car from Germany.

And why is that so exciting? Dana said, that this prime client is very well structured for the Coaching Process. The employees are very supportive and cooperative for the coaching program. Prior to each Coaching session implementation of a specific activity, the Management develop the outline of the concept to the Coachee to support effectively.  And the program was very successful, and that would make me happy to the full.

The collaboration approach was adjusted according to the dealership requirement and needs.  The dealership are improved on performance in all business areas and still maintain the program. Dana has blend of experience and her ability to look at things with a beginner’s mind that really enables Dana Afriza to see things so clearly and enabling her to bring the benefits to corporate clients.

There are many Coaching Programs in the market, but Dana Afriza focus  on such topics as below:
– How to build a good communication and collaboration as a team
– Build a cohesive relation and team commitment
– Coordination and Leadership in a team

In Today’s Dynamic Business Environment
High achievers are needed to reflect and support the top management to allow them sailing in these various challanges of the business for the company’s direction. Do you think the top management still needs the Coaching programs? Why? What type of Coaching would that be?

Yes, absolutely. Dana Afriza says the Senior executives must actively prepare themselves and their companies for the future. But do they know how the major global trends impacting the world today will affect their business tomorrow? The coaching type will use development approaches as below:

  • Developing a powerful vision for their organization that includes an interconnected view of their business and the world in which it operates.
  • Understanding the core competencies, their team and their company must possess to be successful in a world without boundaries.
  • Strengthening their skills for innovative strategic thinking while discovering new paths to growth.


What does Dana like to do when she has free time?
Dana loves Horse riding, playing golf, swimming and reading. She quitted horse riding since she had an accident on her leg a few years back. Dana who loves reading, just recently she finished read a book: A team of Leaders (Author Paul Gustavson and Stewart Liff).

And currently is still reading: Leading with Questions, How leaders find the right Solutions by knowing what to ask (Author: Michael J. Marquardt). Spending her spare time teaching, consulting, coaching, and reading book about leaders is really something about how leaders develop. Nowadays she enjoys going to the gym and swimming to keep her fit in between her business and social activities.

Dana has other passion in life, which is travelling! Sharing her insight and love for places such as Helsinki in Finland and Stockholm in Sweden that she just recently visited, during the interviews. Why does she love traveling? For Dana, traveling is such a wonderful way to learn about the world and different cultures. What she loves most about travel is getting to experience beautiful places and becomes more connected to other part of the world. Dana says: “I love the speed time of uncertainty that I feel when I touch down in a new city. The local people and activity, views, sounds, smells hit me all at once and there’s no other feeling like it.

“I really don’t know who I will meet, what stories I will hear, and what’s gonna happened within the next second. Traveling gives me such a wonderful feeling that makes me become someone new with lots of stories at the end of the travelling journey” She added with full of smiles.

What is her favorite color? Dana loves red and white colors, and said the red color reveals her character and as an energy boost to keep her ambitious, energetic, and courageous.

Coaching is fun!
It’s a great way to find out what you want to do, how to do it all while having support of doing it! The following points out some of the main differences between coaching approach and development approach shared by Dana Afriza:

  1. Coaching: focuses on the present, while Development focuses on the future. Coaching focuses on the past, the present and the future provides support each step of the way. With a solution-focused action plan for now and the future, coaching will deal with current issues with one major distinction and taking action to move forward into productive and constructive achievements.
  2. Coaching adheres to standards of development is more focuses on maximizing potential of someone. Coaches undertake training to meet client’s needs/standards or maintain high standards of competence in their work. An experience executive known for their business development, by maximizing organizational efficiencies, and as a talented professional  always keep on creating a strategic planning to assure consistently high levels of productivity in all functional areas. Developing new markets or rebuilding business sectors that will allow the company growth.
  3. A Maintenance Coaching focus is more on growth and is concerned with systems, quality control, management. A long-term perspective enables to more efficiently and effectively utilize maintenance management. This is further step for your maintenance strategies and practices.There are five purposes of maintenance i.e.:
  • equipment reliability
  • failure avoidance
  • defect elimination
  • least operating costs, and
  • operating risk reduction


Failure to implement one of the above purpose maintenance points, then your maintenance efforts will not get the big operating profit pay-offs that could get. The best practice maintenance system leads you to get the best performance from your maintenance processes and resource. You will discover how to make your systems highly reliable for the least maintenance cost.

With her friendly and warm smile, Dana Afriza closed the interview says: Coaching provides intermittent solutions to a particular problem. Dana is always eager to talk about the challenges that all leaders will face in the future

Brief about Dana: She has big interest in Communication, People development, and Social activity. Dana Afriza holds a Bachelor in Communication of Public Relations from University of Moestopo, Jakarta, Indonesia and numerous courses and seminars in local and overseas. She also holds an Executive Master Degree in Business Management from IPMI International Business School, Jakarta, Indonesia (June14/p5).