Mr. Leo Tonidandel, a pianist who travelled the world!

Mr. Leo (Leandro) Tonidandel whom is currently the General Manager of Lufthansa Indonesia, has an adventure side that fit well with his international career! He enjoys discovering new places, new people and new ideas. It boosts his creativity as ways to free his mind to do his best work, at Lufthansa German Airlines. Leo defined creativity as “the process of having original ideas that have value.” As for someone like Leon, routine work is almost always wrong for creative work!

He enjoys travel around the world, do interact with different cultures and languages which enrich him even further. Indonesian landscape is beautiful and he and his family try to go around the country during their spare times to discover the different local differences.

Leo started his career with Lufthansa in 1991 at Sao Paolo – Brazil. Sao Paolo population is 26 million. He originally came from South area of Brazil where most people are easy to talk with and so open minded.

Apart from his role as the General Manager of Lufthansa Indonesia, Leo is also a pianist! His life goes around a lot of music or whatever he can do with his hands, including cooking. He plays classical music such as Jazz and Blues. Blues is music with a unique ethnic diversity. Originally it was associated with low-down motions. But in reality, it reflected how a culture lived and survived in happy and difficult times. Blues is a music which adopted styles from jazz to rock & roll.

As for cooking, his favorite meals to cook are Italian food such as Pizza! An Italian origin baked dish consisting of base of dough baked with a topping of seasoned tomato sauce and cheese, sausage, or olives and typically with added meat. Pizza is one of the most loved convenience foods.

Lufthansa Indonesia
Before Jakarta, his post was Korea where the country has their own beliefs the way they see the world – they are serious, pragmatic and hardworking people. So it is much easier to start up a company in that country. After 3 years since starting up the company, it was profitable right away! Then Jakarta, Indonesia was calling as his next challenges!

Indonesia is young democracy thriving, but so challenges! Indonesia is so different and unique in some ways that can’t be compared to other places in the world! The country still faces challenges ranging from government corruption, employment regulations to election problems and weak in human capital issues. A lot of the people are still very frustrated because they don’t see real improvements in their daily lives,” Leo said to comment on the turn-over of the potential human resources of Lufthansa Indonesia in general views. The long-term success of a company such as Lufthansa depends heavily upon the quality of its workers and worker loyalty, as Leo’s view on loyalty of Indonesian workers. However, he is very much optimistic on the growth of Lufthansa Indonesia to be a leading global carrier airline industry from Indonesia to most European countries!

How does Lufthansa business growth for the next 5 years in Indonesia and as well as globally? For Indonesia, its economy is growing at a very fast pace. Competitions are wise on how to tackle the market. Jakarta International Airport is the 10th biggest airport in the world and the prospects are very positive. Lufthansa do see Indonesia as a key market in South East Asia and currently we’re evaluating better options to serve the market and our customers.

As the world grows more global, air travel became part of life. And it’s a lifestyle! With different business models around, customers are benefiting from flying, even if sometime, other options does not really provide a customer friendly connectivity.

Now, for customers from Indonesia can also discover the beauty of the European continent with the flexibility of flying by Lufthansa from major cities in Indonesia (Denpasar, Solo, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Medan). And to enjoy payment flexibilities from several local major Bankings when purchasing Lufthansa flights.

Lufthansa German Airlines
Offers a comprehensive global route network linking all major cities around the world. Lufthansa is the world largest airline by revenue, operating out 5 European hubs: Frankfurt, Munich, Vinna, Zurich, and Brussels. Being the airline industry very competitive with extremely low margins, a lean cost management is required, what makes Lufthansa a profitable airline.

Lufthansa has its own business model, with its highest technology by using the most modern flight and advanced technologies with more climate protection in air transport, greater comfort for travelers which reflected in Lufthansa’s new flagships. Lufthansa traditionally stands for technology at the highest level. Just like other airlines business, Lufthansa is a profitable oriented with taking risk sometimes in many ways. Lufthansa is a private-own company, where profitable growth is required to make sure owners are satisfy.

How does Lufthansa compete in global market? As we understanding that Lufthansa has its own corporate standard and regulations! Every single destination Lufthansa operates deserve a high attention to local culture awareness and we are extremely aware of every local trend and as well as the local way of thinking! It’s tremendous what we learn from it which means we do adjust ourselves to the local regulations, culture and business mentality. It is a fast area of business adjustment required to be successful around the world.

Lufthansa Indonesia become the official carrier for the most prestigious construction and mining trade fair April 2013 in Munich, BAUMA, with Indonesia as the country partner. The customers will get extra benefit to fly Lufthansa as the official carrier, as Lufthansa is the perfect fit to any travel to Europe and Germany. It does not only provide shorter flying times but a vast and strong network linking over 100 European cities. Munich is our second hub in Germany providing long-haul and short-hauls connections on the daily basis, connecting people and business. BAUMA is a trade fair attracting customers from all over the world which are connected by our vast network.

There is something really attach to Lufthansa brand that makes it different to other Airlines. Above all, Lufthansa is very reliable in all areas. Lufthansa stand by a high quality of services, a strong network which works like a clock and goes global. We’re a private airline striving for profits which are invested toward better products and this is the major differentiator towards the competition. Lufthansa is around for a long while now, growing at a profitable pace and this is what we have in mind for the future.

What strategy does Lufthansa do to make it different among these top airlines? Lufthansa brand has been built overtime. Customer perception became stronger and this go hand in hand with the dedication of all our colleagues around the world, providing a unique service. The customer centric approach does differentiate us on top of reliability, private ownership, the participation on Star Alliance and further partnerships around the world, our frequent flyer programme and customer recognition.

Travelling within Indonesia
During his leisure times, Leo loves other part of Indonesia to visit with his family such as Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan. His first trip to Bali was when he was 19 years old! It has been so much different compare to Bali now! But his favorite place so far is Malang. Why Malang? Malang is a great small town with its own friendly environment, clean, safe and feeling functional with so many large roads. Malang is also not so polluted, so tourists feel comfort to walk around the city everywhere. There are many historical parts to visit with still well preserve such as Tugu Hotel, Mount Bromo and other residential area and also Pantai Sendang is one of the pride of the citizens of Malang.

Medan is his second favorite city to visit. He likes the people and Medan has much architecture and has several sites of very old heritage such as Church & Istana Maimun in Medan.

Indonesia can be a though place if you don’t open your eyes, as he closed the interiview. For many decades Lufthansa has been facing a lot of challenges. It will continue to face more challenges in the future! Leo’s motto is always: not try to do the best – but be the best! (bs/Aug13/p8)

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