Jihan 20a

Jihan Soemawisastra

HIGHLIGHT on Career: Pada tanggal 20 july 2019 untuk kedua kalinya Jihan Soemawisastra, sebagai persembahan karya seni terbaru anak bangsa untuk negeri tercinta Indonesia telah melaksanakan graduation Professional Class dan kelas Self Makeup.

Perhelatan graduation day 2019 oleh Jihan Soemawisastra menggandeng Marcos Tjung sebagai Producer, bertempat di Main Atrium Mall Lagoon Avenue Bekasi menambah semarak para lulusan proffesional dunia kecantikan di tanah air. …more

Logo Sekolah Kristen Saint John

Sekolah Kristen Saint John

HIGHLIGHT on Career Opportunity: Lembaga pendidikan yang bernaung pada Gereja Kristen Indonesia Bungur, didirikan pada tahun 1976.

Saat ini Sekolah Kristen Saint John beroperasi di 2 (dua) lokasi, yaitu: di Bungur Besar – Jakarta Pusat dan Harapan Indah – Bekasi. Mulai dari unit KB-TK, SD, SMP, SMA dan SMK (UPW) Unit Perjalanan Wisata. …more

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Kupu-Kupu Barong

HIGHLIGHT on Career Opportunity: In such a place the finest spa pampering is proffered in the boughs of a Mango Tree with the perfect blend of French savoir faire and Balinese soul, along with the finest essential oils and infusions of L’Occitane of Provence.

Kupu-Kupu Barong villa & Tree Spa by L’OCCITANE Location in Ubud – Kedewatan immediately looking for qualified staff for the position of: …more

Happening I-Now2

Happening Gallery on Colombia

HIGHLIGHT on Colombia: The Ambassador José Renato Salazar Acosta presented the Credentials Letters accrediting him as Ambassador of Colombia to the Republic of Indonesia to the President Joko Widodo on 4 October 2016.

The ceremony was held in Merdeka Palace the Head Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Indonesia, in Jakarta city.


Jihan Profile 44a

I never thought of “make-up artist” as a career

HIGHLIGHT on Career of Jihan Soemawisastra: “My life is like a soap opera.” Jihan started the conversation ~ filled with ups and downs, and love which sometimes goes awry. Then she continue that what she find interesting, is that her live is most like those soap operas ~ there are some dramatic momments, fantastic, funny, humor, bitter and success too. Life always requires her to get up again and again at the same time also to think fast!


Jang Jang Joe 13a

A computer geek with passions for golf and painting!

HIGHLIGHT on Career of Jang Jang Joe: He was born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in 29th November 1960 and grew up in Jakarta until high school. Jang is a self-taught artist, western educated and speaks Sundanese language fluently as he was born in Bandung where he lived there until he was six years old.

Jang exudes not only his immense talents, but a unique talents combination of IT skills, golfing sportsman and an artistry in painting! He briefly studied in UK then went to Australia for further formal educations and completed two post graduate degrees in Engineering Science and Master of Business Administration during his full-time employment.


Chamelia 25a

IP protection in Indonesia, a very challenging world!

Highlight on Career: Chamelia Sari, a lawyer who loves football. Founder and Managing Partner of PRAWIRANEGARA International Patent & Trademark Law Office, Chamelia Sari (Chamelia ) is a lawyer with huge achievements but humble and low profile in her daily appearances. She loves books, music, travel and learn anything.

The firm was established in year 1999. Right after five years running this firm, in Year 2004, Chamelia received an International Professional Award 2004 from the Ministry of Research and Technology, Republic of Indonesia.