The Musical and Artistic culture that make Balinese a special to everyone’s heart

The Kecak Recital Dance is a window into the musical and artistic culture that make the Balinese a special to everyone’s heart. A wondrous experience and a must to any visitor to Bali.

Waving hands in the air to simulate fire and reposition themselves around the stage to represent Rhythm of a chanting ‘monkey’ chorus, wind and fire, no musical accompaniment and unseen hand of protection from the Gods. These polyrhythmic sound of the chanting provides the name ‘Ke-chak’.

A crowd of fifty or more men in the checkered pants with a fascinating dance provides music for the story in a series of constant vocal chants that change with the mood of the actors.

It is basically a story of Ramayana as Rama, a warrior hier to the throne of Ayodya, is exiled with his wife Sita to a faraway desert.  An evil king spies Sita, falls in love with her, and sends a golden deer to lure Rama away.  Sita is captured, and Rama rounds up his armies to defeat those of the evil king and rescue her.  Rama is the man in green dancing in the center of the circle, the golden deer is in yellow in the back.

The dance is played in five acts for roughly 45 minutes.  There are always performances of the Kecak around the island, but the most well-known Kecak theater is in the town of Batubulan in the north of capital of Denpasar.