Summer is coming for Kids Holiday in Bali!

Big changes in our time shuttle. After an inspiring talks from wonderful Vasumi at the Bali Spirit Festival, where she talked about 13 months calendars and that even big companies today using this system.

Some of you might have seen them before. Giant lizards, they can grow up to 3 meters. Don’t believe it? A 3 meter Alu years ago in Bona Village running around in the garden, feeding on someone’s cats and later they found 200 offspring behind a house…. but Alus are really great and wonderful to watch, so more with Ron this month!



Omed-omedan is a Balinese traditional ceremony

The tradition originate from a fight between a male and female pig that took place in the village hundreds of years ago. A represent the push and pull of positive and negative elements.

Omed-omedan, which means pulling,  is a ceremony for the youths of the village to express their joy on the first day of the new year.