The Musical and Artistic culture that make Balinese a special to everyone’s heart

The Kecak Recital Dance is a window into the musical and artistic culture that make the Balinese a special to everyone’s heart. A wondrous experience and a must to any visitor to Bali.

Waving hands in the air to simulate fire and reposition themselves around the stage to represent Rhythm of a chanting ‘monkey’ chorus, wind and fire, no musical accompaniment and unseen hand of protection from the Gods. These polyrhythmic sound of the chanting provides the name ‘Ke-chak’.


Quality AuditingBali

Where Quality brings you to? An inspiring Quality Auditing in Bali

Quality makes your Product Desirable! Quality alone doesn’t make your Product Desirable! Quality needs a Desire Catalyst.

Don’t miss an inspiring Quality Auditing Training Program in Bali with a Quality Auditing professional with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Purchasing, Logistics, Material Management and Supplier Relations.

The trainer’s major Multinational Oil & Gas industry background enriched by his marketing experience in the Cargo Industry, has made him a complete source of insight in SCM application.  He earned his MBA from IPMI/Monash University. He is also a Certified Quality Auditor from the American Society for Quality, and a Certified Purchasing Manager from Institute of Supply Management (USA).



Earth Day Bali 2013

Who else than Indonesia Organic shall organize the Earth Day Bali 2013? For many years Indonesia Organic has been linking the public to an organic Indonesia. This year Indonesia Organic stepped forward and set up a fantastic Earth Day in Mambal area.

The place was almost created for doing such an event. Lots of green space was given to vendors, the area was cool and shady during the hot afternoon times and the air was fresh. Many vendors and Yayasans came to show their work on Earth Day 2013.


Career opportunity with IFCCI in Bali

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) works for its members  with the intention to accompany its members to success by providing more innovating and dynamic services among the 200 members from different countries.

IFCCI also, contributes in promoting Indonesian French business community by being a privileged meeting point through the organization of events such as business luncheons, working group and other annual prestigious events.

Due to expanding business activity, IFCCI is in search for a potential candidate to fill the Communication Officer position to be based in Bali Branch Office with some qualifications.


Happening I-Now2

Happening Gallery | events & forums in Bali

Happening Gallery of Indonesia-Now is available to share your Corporate CSR events, Human Resources events, Education events, Culture events, Life Style events and Investment events. Send the pictures of your Corporate’s events to and let your events be highlighted for free of charge in English or Bahasa Indonesia.

International literary festival Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2010 took place in Ubud (Bali) from 3-7 October 2012. This event, organised for the 9th time in the town known as one of Indonesia’s cultural centres, has won international recognition as one of the most famous international literary forums.



An Exotic House for Sale at Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran is located on the heart of the southern peninsula in Bali, in the south of Ngurah Rai International Airport.

This Exotic House is only ten minutes from the beach seafood restaurants and luxury hotels, including the five-star Intercontinental Hotel Bali, Four Seasons!



A Luxurious Villa for Sale at Ungasan, Bali

Located on Bali’s southern most peninsula, high on the cliffs above the surging waters of the Indian Ocean midway between the sea and the sky, with stunning panoramic ocean view, the Beverly Hills Bali.

This Luxurious Ungasan villa combine the highest quality materials and facilities with contemporary Balinese architecture and exquisite garden design, against a backdrop of panoramic ocean views.