Earth Day Bali 2013

Who else than Indonesia Organic shall organize the Earth Day Bali 2013? For many years Indonesia Organic has been linking the public to an organic Indonesia. This year Indonesia Organic stepped forward and set up a fantastic Earth Day in Mambal area.

The place was almost created for doing such an event. Lots of green space was given to vendors, the area was cool and shady during the hot afternoon times and the air was fresh. Many vendors and Yayasans came to show their work on Earth Day 2013.

BAWA TAS with Komang Arwana – one of Bali’s top athlets and famouse front figure for a lot of young Balinese – famouse also for his non drug sucess, is the front person of a fantastic project I heard a few months ago. A project, which really has an impact on Bali – BAWA TAS. A project giving FREE shopping bags to local warungs and shops so they can give those bags to their customers for free – reducing 1000 of plastic bags a month not to be used.

Komang and his friends from BAWA TAS are happy about their results and educate young locals about the use of those bags. The project needs some more sponsors to buy more bags. More BAWA TAS bags, less plastic bags, less rubbish around. You can contact BAWA TAS if you wish to sponsor any amount of bags.

For example buy 100 bags and sell them in your place, so your customers can give 1, 10 or 20 bags to locals on the market. If all of us do, than we have in no time 1,000 or even 10,000 bags out there. I regular give my bags to locals and they love to go shopping with them. Those a little steps, but they really do make a change out there and make Bali cleaner and healthier for kids (may13/p12).